Business spend monitoring: Why trends analysis is key
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Business spend monitoring: Why trends and patterns analysis is key

Insights from industry experts on enhancing business spend monitoring in the new normal

As business spend returns to pre-pandemic levels, new risks are emerging. How can you stay ahead?

We discussed this and more at our recent webinar with Compliance Week on 'Business spend monitoring: Do trends and patterns speak louder than machine learning and AI-based technologies?'

Watch our esteemed panel of industry experts including Amber Starkey, Global Expense Manager, Cardinal Health; Jenitha John, Global Board Director, The Institute of Internal Auditors; and Daniel Lyjak, Director of Disbursements, Zurich American Insurance Company, discuss business spend monitoring best practices with Anu Priy Vij, Compliance-as-a-Service Leader, Genpact, and Subhashis Nath, Service Line Leader, Enterprise Risk and Compliance, Genpact.

The webinar offers you insights on:

  • New risks that are emerging as business spend rises again
  • The need for accelerating transformation in spend monitoring
  • Real-life examples and best practices for trends and patterns analysis
  • The benefits of a strong, comprehensive transaction monitoring program

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