Apr 21, 2016

The people behind the impact – and how we generate them!

What makes a company what it is? What makes it grow, and evolve, and reach higher and think bigger? What makes it know exactly what its clients' needs are and how to provide them with exactly the solutions they need? What determines the type of working culture that is going to evolve? What makes a global leader in digitally-powered business process management and services, generating impact for a few hundred strategic clients including one-fourth of the Fortune Global 500?

At Genpact, the answer is: Our People. They are the backbone of our company and reason we have reached where we are. Finding them, training them, growing them and allowing them to prosper, is of utmost importance to us. So, where do our people come from?

Eighteen years ago we started off small, in a corner office in Gurgaon. Small, maybe, but with a strong leadership, and a huge vision for the future and what was needed to make us grow. We were fledglings in a brand new industry. We needed new business models, new goals, new resources, new functions and systems. We had to learn the ropes on our own and find our own way. Most importantly, we needed talent – vibrant, dynamic, maverick-like talent - at both our entry and mid-level stages. Legend has it that we used to hang a signboard on site, that said “Trespassers will be Hired!" We were focused on building a company that would go down in the annals of corporate history for its business acumen, its client know-how – and the people who helped make it happen. We added diversity to the mix – a diverse client profile, diverse geographies, diverse leaders, diverse people – and we were raring to go.

Today, Genpact has some of the most qualified and experienced management people in the corporate world – and they're growing. Some have been grown from within, some hand-picked from outside, each individually has the unmistakable Genpact stamp. They come from diverse industries, from big organizations - including the Big 4 - and from a variety of backgrounds and business experiences. The one thing common to them is their commitment to creating solutions for their clients – and their passion for generating impact.

The business of people
Business is growing faster than we can imagine and we have to constantly hire new talent to meet new demands. Not just any talent - the best, the most capable, the finest talent. But acquiring talent in the current environment is a whole new ball game and what took us this far will not sustain us in the future. We have to use newer, more innovative means to attract the kind of talent - the crème de la crème of human resources – that will make Genpact even better, even stronger, in the coming years.

If you want the best, you go to the best.

In this case it means going global, tapping new sources, increasing our depth in domain, pushing the boundaries, and literally reshaping the face of our people map. The dynamism of our business demands freshness and innovation and constant change – and that's what we are doing constantly. We're looking at a totally new geography of people, aiming to operate on a much higher scale and constantly searching for diversity and the perfect 'mix'. The sky's the limit as far as this goes and we are using every means, every manner, in which to access the best. This includes experimenting with new and contemporary ways of using social media to reach out to new resources; crowdsourcing for diverse options; and tapping open source networks to track down exactly what we want. The world is changing - and we are changing with it. Because nothing works until you have a global mindset.

Keeping it Diverse
Diversity remains all-important to us at Genpact, with 23.9% of our top-level recruitments taking place across the world. Here, too, we have put into play a most contemporary and unique system, with a rich mix of social media and other diverse means, in order to acquire and maintain a healthy balance of ages, races, genders and nationalities.

Career 2.0: Our Career 2.0 program concentrates on the vital topic of gender diversity in the workplace and aims to help empower women. Being part of Genpact's movement to bring talented and able women back into leadership roles, after they've been away on sabbatical, has been a very rewarding experience. The campaign has garnered 1.05 million views globally and is seeing terrific engagement in the form of over 40,000 likes, comments and shares. This buzz has generated over 770+ resumes out of which ~ 200 (of the ones we've reviewed so far) are relevant. What's interesting to note is that all of this has come at practically no cost as the campaign is still organic, i.e, we haven't gone the paid route. In the next phase, we will experiment with paid advertising to target niche talent and boost results.

Seven women have joined us so far in 2016 in India. Businesses that have hired are Consumer Goods, Retail, Life Sciences, Healthcare (CGRLH), Corporate Finance, Digital, People Function and Infrastructure & Logistics (I&L). Of these, 2 have joined us at assistant vice president (AVP), 1 at senior manager (SM), and 4 as Consultants. In addition, we have four more candidates at offer stage and an additional four at advanced interview stage.

We are also proud to have just launched Career 2.0 globally. This move has been passionately driven by the top management at Genpact, and is something that is very important to the organization as a whole. We are sure it is going to bring with it an exciting, vibrant, talented new set of individuals to Genpact. Integrating all this new blood and new talent into the system is also of paramount importance and we have developed a unique Integration Plan that solely takes care of this.

People who generate impact
We are extremely proud of our people - of their creativity and hunger to learn. This helps us in our ability to generate unique and spot-on solutions for our clients. Our investment in our people is key to our successes, time and again. “We grow when our people grow" – is core to our being and we continuously look at ways to help them learn and grow.

Author: Ritu Bhatia - Head Executive Hiring, Asia Pacific