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A global manufacturer gears up for growth

How Kravet Inc. expanded its reach with an online storefront to put customers first

Who we worked with

Kravet Inc., a leader in the home furnishing industry

How we helped

United three independent websites into one cohesive storefront, built with a responsive and intuitive user experience

What the company needed

The company wanted to create a modernized shopping experience for its global audience and unify its digital marketing efforts

What the company got

The ability to reach a new generation of interior designers, increase online capacity, and achieve a 95% increase in users since launch


With websites, three's a crowd

Kravet Inc. was looking to replatform its three main websites – Kravet.com, LeeJofa.com, and Brunschwig.com – and its homegrown e-commerce portal into a single experience.

The company needed to streamline its digital presence, simplify the shopping journey for customers, and unify its digital marketing efforts to build brand buzz.

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A one-stop storefront for customers

By partnering with Rightpoint, a Genpact company, Kravet Inc. had the support it needed to create a new shopping experience and modernize its approach to e-commerce.

The new website integrated with the company's existing ERP system to create visibility into customer-specific pricing and real-time inventory positioning. Features such as image-based search would also give users a more a personalized experience that was also mobile-ready.


Online growth that shows no signs of stopping

The new online storefront brought together all three brands for a modernized approach to e-commerce. It also established an infrastructure that allowed Kravet Inc. to connect its previously fragmented digital marketing efforts and reach new audiences.

Ultimately, the investment paid off. Year to date, Kravet Inc. has seen a 34% increase in online sessions and a 45% growth in users on-site year-over-year. Overall, this equates to a 95% increase in users since launch. And it shows no sign of stopping.

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