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STAR: Straight Through Accounts Receivables

STAR rethinks accounts receivable management processes and drives outcomes that can be measured with a single composite metric

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Automate invoice to cash

STAR is an accounts receivable management solution that combines our finance and accounting knowledge with HighRadius' integrated receivables platform to automate invoice to cash processes. It benchmarks your order to cash process maturity against best in class.

Perfect Invoice Efficiency and Effectiveness (PIE²) Index

The PIE² Index measures the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounts receivable processes. You can benchmark process maturity, accelerate automation, and prioritize improvements to unlock value and reduce costs.

Autonomous collections: put your collections on autopilot

Identify receivables management bottlenecks with a complete view of global accounts receivable performance. Reduce days sales are outstanding, improve collector efficiency, minimize bad debt, and enhance customer and employee experiences.

AI-enabled cash application

Automate cash application across all payment and remittance formats. Guided by customer-specific business rules, this artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled comprehensive solution auto-applies cash by up to 95%.

Featured solutions

STAR accelerates your touchless accounts receivable journey by embedding transformation frameworks with automation, AI, and analytics. It improves cashflow, accuracy, and the user experience while reducing costs.

Electronic invoice presentation and payment

STAR supports automated, multi-format invoicing and uploading of attachments such as claims and remittances. Its self-service payment portal supports more than 150 payment formats for customers.

Collections management

The collections module predicts payment dates and analyzes promise-to-pay trends to produce a prioritized work list for collectors, integrating seamlessly with third-party collection agencies.

Cash application management

STAR automates remittance aggregation and eliminates lockbox fees by auto-capturing payment and remittance data. It auto-links payments with open invoices and automates deductions coding using AI.

Deductions management

This module automates the aggregation of backup documents and research and provides a platform for all-party collaboration. Its AI-based dispute validity predictor identifies invalid deductions.


reduction in customer onboarding time


billing accuracy


touchless accounts receivable management

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"Bringing our two companies together in an even deeper partnership will allow a new level of predictive intelligence that can derive meaningful insights and lead to impactful action for our clients."
Balkrishan "BK" Kalra President and CEO, Genpact

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