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Cora Process Lifecycle Manager

Automate case and workflow management across any finance and accounting (F&A) process for better operational control

process lifecycle manager


Heightened customer expectations, increased regulation, and aging technology are all major F&A challenges. Let us help you reimagine finance workflow management so you can achieve greater business agility, responsiveness, and control of operations.

Robust reporting

Want a complete view of business process lifecycle management? We can help. Case status dashboards backed by configurable reports and templates give you the visibility you need. Plus, automation combined with advanced tracking and alerts will support flexible work allocation, simplify supervisor reporting, and reduce the manual effort spent on core operations reports.

process lifecycle manager

Seamless interfacing

Process Lifecycle Manager interfaces seamlessly with various data sources. It simplifies the case management process with advanced workflows to manage any kind of operational requests – internal or external – across multiple channels. It also offers a range of additional capabilities including configurable workflows, auto-response emails, chatbot integration, and more.

process lifecycle manager

Featured solutions

Activity management

Disparate data? No problem. Create cases from email, web, and helpdesk data. Plus, customize case allocation and scheduling with configurable rules across multiple languages and currencies.

Workflow and approvals

Process Lifecycle Manager is powered by dynamic workflows. Based on configurable business rules, approval management, and auto-alerts, our solution streamlines business processes.

Content management

We keep case content in a central repository so users can add and track documents of any type. This enables quick and easy access for everyone, leading to a significant cut in case resolution times.


Process Lifecycle Manager supports real-time collaboration between the business, service delivery teams, and customers. It does this using role-based authorization and customizable access features.


Reporting is crucial for effective case and workflow management. Our case status reports and data dashboards increase visibility whether you use templates or go fully customized.


deployments across global clients


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reduction in case creation and allocation errors


"Genpact industrializes and speeds up the adoption of new digital process models across the organization by providing a consistent framework… for next-generation process adoption."
John Willmott Founder and CEO, NelsonHall

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