Case Management Platform - CoraOps Manager

An agile case management platform that transforms your business operations and enhances the customer experience.

Cora OpsManager Highlights

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    better productivity
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    greater control over processes
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    delivery centers
  • Seamless, integrated processes

    Cora OpsManager is an advanced digital case management system powered by Genpact Cora. It supports automated work allocation and quality control throughout the case management platform.

  • Boost client satisfaction

    Case management solutions must give managers the visibility they need to track, troubleshoot, and respond to issues. Our real-time dashboard and reporting tools do all this and more by reducing manual reporting efforts across core operations.

Automated work allocation

Cora OpsManager uses advanced workflows to reduce reporting efforts across core operations. It prioritizes tasks, automates document intake, and handles business process routing and multi-department handoffs.

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Easier audits

Cora OpsManager maintains accurate audit samples against audit checklists provided by the business to increase auditing speed and effectiveness.

Quick to deploy and realize value

Enhance collaboration, accountability, and transparency across your business to connect employees and the customer experience across the front, middle, and back office.

Increased governance and control

Our IT ops manager suggests the next best action based on a customer or user request. This enables teams to optimize task allocation and workloads, and leads to detailed reporting.

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