Generating Insurance Impact

Genpact is dedicated to helping companies achieve their goals in reinsurance operations. Whether streamlining operations, uncovering previously missed cessions, or exiting legacy liabilities, Genpact has the expertise and resources needed to unlock value across the reinsurance value chain. With two decades of reinsurance operational expertise and a proven track record of success, Genpact can help you ensure you are maximizing the value of this key asset.

We partner with cedents and reinsurers over the long term to achieve their operational goals.


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Leveraging years of domain experience across the insurance and reinsurance sectors, our solutions help clients to identify and execute on opportunities to unlock value with better analytics, operations, and consulting.

Delivering business excellence is at the heart of our value proposition. We offer services in three main pillars of reinsurance operations:

  1. Recoverable identification and collection – ReFinder
  2. Specialized expertise – Consulting
  3. Cost effectiveness – Business Process Outsource

Genpact's proprietary service analyzes historical claims and reinsurance data to identify leakage and collect previously unidentified or under-ceded balances. Most companies identify and collect more than 98% of the amounts owed to them by reinsurers. The remaining amounts, however, can add up over time to significant balances. Mergers and acquisitions, system migrations or integrations, and manual processes, can all lead to leakage in ceded reinsurance. Genpact shares the risk with clients – only charging fees when balances are identified – and works as a valued partner to analyze reasons for leakage so clients can address them.

Genpact is the premier reinsurance operations consulting firm, offering clients unparalleled expertise. Throughout the reinsurance value chain—including systems implementation and Lean DigitalSM automation, operational improvement and transformation, and effecting closure of legacy contracts—Genpact's experienced consultants work closely with clients to maximize value and achieve desired results.

With years of experience providing reinsurance operations on behalf of clients, only Genpact can offer companies immediate cost savings without the loss of specialized talent. From teams of less than 10 to more than 300, our outsource solutions are tailored to fit client's needs and achieve their unique operational goals. Our teams have the depth of skills to understand the nature of reinsurance transactions and how they affect the larger organization.