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We design, transform, and run Intelligent OperationsSM, deploying advanced operating models that address specific industry needs and foster growth, manage costs, and drive compliance across the business functions.

Our deep industry experience has shown us that process is an untapped resource for banks in driving front- and back-end business results. To drive these outcomes, Genpact has created Centers of Excellence (CoE) in 18 countries throughout the world. These enable us to devise the best combination of on-shore and off-shore solutions, including loan processing outsourcing, to support a wide range of retail products and to "industrialize" the related operations, making them more scalable, predictable, transparent, cost-effective, and intelligent.

Our experience, unique tools, and methodologies enable best-in-class financial services solutions and smooth process transformations that drive fast and more agile outcomes, such as lower costs and revenue growth. We help clients run intelligent business operations that leverage advanced operating models to become more competitive.


Retail banking solutions:

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Retail Back Office and Payment Processing

Our back office and payment solutions include:

Deposits and Accounts
Retail banking deposits and accounts comprise a vast domain. Genpact is a leader with capabilities in retail customer account set-up, account maintenance, and management. We provide error-free reconciliation, resolution of discrepancies and exceptions, end-to-end working of negotiable financial instruments, generation of statements, creation of audit certificates, products such as debit cards, and other services such as online and over-the-phone customer query resolution. Our broad categories within this segment are:

  • Payment services: These include activities such as maintenance of accounts, clearance of payments via check cards and debit cards, use of negotiable instruments (checks), and relevant customer correspondence.
  • Electronic services: Genpact's banking sector carries out an array of electronic services, such as electronic fund transfers (EFTs), online bill payment, email correspondence with customers, and automated clearing house (ACH)-related services.

Loans and Advances (including loan processing outsourcing)
Genpact has built end-to-end domain depth and expertise in the loans and advances segment of markets. We offer seamless knowledge on a wide variety of products, including secured versus unsecured loans, personal loans, home loans, and credit card processing and maintenance.

With changing market trends, the necessity of understanding customers' needs and providing them with unmatched credit card service has become critical to all banks and service providers. We possess industry knowledge and experience in a multitude of areas, such as processing credit card applications, card activation, account maintenance, resolving customer queries and requests over the phone and via email, rectifying online payment errors and purchase discrepancies, and researching and resolving disputed charges.

As lending services are the most sought-after need of retail customers, we have augmented our existing expertise in unsecured personal loans and secured home loans with key activities such as verification and filing of loan documents and document and contract preparation post-loan approval.


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