Streamlining clinical case management with Genpact
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Streamlining clinical case management with Genpact and ServiceNow

Free up time to focus on patient care

With comprehensive data-driven insights, healthcare teams can provide highly personalized care and make more informed treatment decisions.

But if you're relying on disconnected systems and manual processes, managing chronic conditions can become complicated for care teams and their patients.

Genpact can help. We'll show you how to simplify operations so your team can spend more time doing what matters: providing quality care to every patient.


Fragmented systems and frustrating processes

As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care, providers are working to improve patient access, experiences, and results. However, many organizations are held back by systems and processes because of the following challenges:

  • Siloed data systems: Staff must jump between multiple electronic health records, workflow tools, communication platforms, and data repositories. These disconnects create confusing workflows, duplicative or missing work, and poor employee and patient experiences
  • Manual administrative tasks: Manual processes overburden staff and prevent organizations from scaling their services. Clinical staff get tied up in admin – time that could be spent focusing on patients
  • Lack of standardized data and metrics: Variations in data collection, naming conventions, and storage methods make analytics very difficult and reporting on clinical outcomes virtually impossible
  • Manual resource management: Clinical team members get patient assignments based on their current patient load without consideration of disease type, acuity, and social needs. This can lead to clinician burnout and slow patient service
  • Poor communication: Many organizations lack the tools to support effective collaboration between physicians involved in a patient's care or between the patient and their care team
  • Lack of health equity data elements: Clinical teams are often unable to collect and incorporate comprehensive patient data into their care decisions

But at Genpact, we've built a solution to address these clinical case management challenges.


A centralized digital experience

We offer a cloud-based solution for digital clinical case management. We do this in partnership with ServiceNow – a cloud computing platform that helps companies manage digital workflows.

We blend ServiceNow's Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) service management technology with our deep expertise in the healthcare industry. Plus, we speed up the implementation and ease of use of our solution with tried and tested digital accelerators.

The solution serves as a single system of engagement that brings clinical teams and patients together to improve experiences for everyone. It's enhanced by the automation of patient preference and health equity data to inform care recommendations.

A closer look at our offerings:

  • Patient onboarding: We accelerate patient onboarding and improve information accuracy through our customized patient portal to:
    • Deliver real-time communication between providers and patients
    • Increase self-service capabilities that empower and engage patients
    • Capture patient preferences for personalized care
  • Case management: We bring everything into one system to improve clinical team efficiency so clinicians can work at the top of their license with:
    • Automated and scalable workflows that reduce administrative tasks and the cost to serve
    • Guided workflows and standardized templates that improve efficiency, transparency, and traceability
    • Automated time-tracking to inform better staffing decisions that prevent burnout
    • Transparent data, work notes, and automated notifications for greater collaboration between clinical care team members
    • Standardized data for robust outcome reporting and to help care teams refine their treatment recommendations
    • Customized clinical summaries that consolidate all information for an individual patient into one view that's easily accessible for care team members and providers
  • Health equity: We capture health equity data for every patient to power personalized treatment recommendations and referrals, improve clinical outcomes, and support patient adherence. This includes:
    • Social determinates of health (SDoH)
    • Race, ethnicity, and language preference (REaL)
    • Sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI)
  • Referrals: We help your organization match individual patients to the right specialist based on their needs and preferences. Our customized Preferred Provider Network
    goes far beyond matching basic geographical and insurance acceptance information. We have comprehensive data on each specialist's background and experience so you can consider:
    • Special focuses
    • Residency
    • Fellowships
    • Board certifications
    • Feedback from team members
    • Patient reviews
    • Published journal articles
    • Research areas
  • Claims management: We automate claims management, giving you an end-to-end view of the process. We also prioritize claims based on business needs

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Clinical efficiency, end-to-end visibility, and better experiences

Using our digital clinical case management solution, healthcare providers can:

  • Reduce administrative task time by up to 30%
  • Reduce overall clinical team tasks by 20%
  • Fully or partially automate up to 30% of tasks to allow top-of-license work
  • Prevent clinician burnout and improve team member experiences
  • Reduce the cost to serve
  • Provide personalized care that fits patient preferences and health equity concerns
  • Power real-time communication between providers and patients

Case study

A seamless solution for chronic case management

The challenge: A large healthcare organization struggled with clinical case management inefficiencies due to disparate systems, manual processes, and a lack of standardized data and analytics.

The solution: Genpact redesigned the provider's processes to streamline workflows, then customized and configured the ServiceNow HCLS platform to automate and standardize processes. We also built a patient portal to improve patient communication and experiences.

The impact: The organization has increased top-of-license work time for high-paid clinicians and researchers by up to 1,000 hours per month, and its care teams can now dedicate more time to improving patient care.

ServiceNow: Better processes and happier employees

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