Trade Promotions Management

High-impact campaigns and improved ROI from trade promotions
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Advanced digital tools, such as Genpact Contract Assistant, can automate trade promotions processes between consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.

Genpact Cora, our AI-based platform, delivers AI for the real world.

A US-based food manufacturer transformed its trade promotions process by harnessing AI to make contracts and invoicing painless.


increase in ROI from promotional spend


improved control of retail deductions


reduction in overall cost of ownership

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I need my trade promotions payments to be more accurate.

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Trade promotions payments

Genpact's trade promotions payments solution is a comprehensive, post-campaign payment management solution that facilitates pay-for-promotion. It enables an integrated view of the trade pay ecosystem in addition to its reporting capabilities, and ensures transparency across the value chain. The result? Better trade spend decisions.

I need someone to run my trade promotions for me.

1 Product & Solution

Trade promotions services

We help organizations both design and run their trade promotions operations. Our trade promotions management services include change management, program and project management, customer training, software implementation, customer staffing, and profiling advice. Our process capabilities include TPM process evaluation, trade promotions processes, controls, and metrics-based reporting.

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