Thank you for attending TGS Vendor Summit Day
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Thank you for attending TGS Vendor Summit Day

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At Genpact, we value our strategic partnership with BD

The TGS Vendor Summit is a great platform to appreciate BD’s vision and strategy. This discussion allows us to pivot on the capabilities and offerings that define the future milestones of our partnership. Our executive leadership is committed to BD’s transformation agenda and the same is reflected in our presentation to you. This page serves as an additional conduit for BD to get a glimpse of Genpact’s Tech Footprint and Innovation in the industry.

We would love to hear from you and partner on the programs that define BD’s future roadmap as the leader in reinventing healthcare across the care continuum.

From data to dollars: generative AI in medtech

Medtech companies have a new source of competitive advantage when they bring generative AI to sales performance and pricing optimization.

Insight hero from data to dollars generative ai in medtech