Why T&E audit is more than policy compliance | Genpact
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Why T&E audit is more than policy compliance

With travel and expense (T&E ) spend typically accounting for more than 10 percent of a company's overall budget, it's no surprise that organizations are rethinking how they audit T&E expenses. Despite its strategic and financial importance, T&E audit is often ineffective, leading to increased non-compliance, risks, and spend.

In this insightful webinar with Compliance Week, Subhashis Nath, risk and compliance lead, Genpact; Natasha Trifun, executive director of compliance, Alexion Pharma; Sharon Zealey, CEO, NextGen; and Sabina Sudan, senior ethics and compliance professional share how automation and analytics combined with deep risk expertise can uniquely address these issues.

​Why T&E audit is more than policy compliance​