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Intelligent automation in insurance

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating across the insurance industry. Insurers have an appetite for change and are evaluating which technologies could have the biggest impact on their operations in the shortest amount of time. Intelligent automation is a crucial tool for insurers. It combines process mining, artificial intelligence, and other advanced digital technologies to go beyond just eliminating repetitive processes. For insurers this means quicker response times, lower operational costs, and improved productivity.

This series of videos takes a deep dive into intelligent automation in the insurance industry; where to start, how to learn from previous RPA mistakes, and use cases across claims and underwriting.

Process mining in insurance

Learn why this is the bedrock of successful intelligent automation and how to get it right.

RPA 2.0 for insurers

How to build a business case for automation and choose the right platform.

Intelligent automation in claims

Cyril Steffen, Chief Claims Officer, European Markets, AXA, discusses digital transformation in claims.

The new underwriting toolkit

Elena Rasa, Chief Underwriting Officer, Zurich Italy discusses the benefits of automation for underwriters.

The future of intelligent automation in insurance

Ed Klinger, CEO of Flock talks about about why automation is at a tipping point in insurance.

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