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Genpact named a Leader in trust and safety on Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® 2021

Genpact has been named a Leader on the consulting and research firm Everest Group's Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix® 2021. This assessment recognizes Genpact's vision, capability, and market impact as a trust and safety service provider.

Everest Group highlights several key strengths that set Genpact apart from other service providers and put it in the Leaders' quadrant. These include our:

  • Wide range of services across the trust and safety value chain
  • Policy center of excellence, which we dedicate to proactively identifying and fixing policy gaps
  • Array of robust digital tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to bolster our talent management and well-being programs
  • Investment in digital tools to reduce average handling time (AHT) and improve agents' productivity
  • Efforts to improve the well-being of our content moderators
  • Flexibility to tailor solutions to the unique needs of each customer

Genpact continues to grow in this space by combining our deep domain expertise with our Lean and Six Sigma DNA to protect users. Our first analytics product called Global Command Centre uses a combination of advanced data visualization, machine learning and natural language generation (NLG) to help drive consistent repeatable operations across over 100 metrics. This allows us to proactively detect trends in online abuse and deliver robust insights to the platform clients.

Visit our trust and safety page for more insights and solutions.

View the Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix® 2021