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Jul 28, 2017

Walking the RPA talk

The journey to intelligent automation (IA) often begins with the most transactional processes, those that are rules-based, suffer few exceptions, and require a lot of manual labor. While the productivity gains from basic robotic process automation (RPA) are welcome, the story shouldn't end there.

The real value lies when organizations combine RPA with additional technologies to gain real-time, predictive insights and improve decision making. That's intelligent automation.

We've outlined the journey from RPA to IA and role of artificial intelligence in recent reports and infographics. I continue to write blog posts on the topic (on AI for the enterprise and humans and machines, for example). And we have tools – such as the Intelligent Automation Index – that help guide automation choices and realize expected ROI.

Rated for robotics and beyond

But what others say about you carries greater weight. To acknowledge our hands-on work with intelligent automation, HfS Research positioned us in the winner's circle in last year's Blueprint Report on Intelligent Automation.

Most recently, research firm Zinnov has recognized Genpact in its annual rating for Robotic Automation (RA) Services for Global Technology Service Providers. Placed in the RA Services leadership zone, we rate highly on the two key parameters:

  • Prowess – our capabilities, innovation ecosystem, impact, engagement models, and outlook for the future
  • Scalability – the size of our RPA business, breadth of clients, and volume of talent

And we remain in the leadership zone for industry-specific views, including retail, insurance, and banking and financial services.

Having automated more than 750 different processes, and delivered an average 44% increase in productivity by cutting cycle times for clients around the world, these reports continue to reinforce our IA credentials.

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