Artificial Intelligence
Mar 20, 2018

Digital transformation: The question's not what, but why.

Firms must take the plunge now if they want to stay ahead

You might still have some uncertainties about what makes a company digital. But the right question really is: Why are so many organizations seeking digital transformation?

A recent PWC study sheds some light on the answer. It reported that 86 percent of CEOs consider digital their number-one priority. The report also had several other staggering findings:

  • 81% of CEOs say mobile technologies are the most strategically important elements for customer engagement.
  • 86% say a clear vision of how digital technologies can create a competitive advantage is key to the success of their investments.
  • 83% say having a well-thought-out plan for digital investments—one that includes concrete measures of success—is key to the success of their investments.
  • 86% of CEOs think it's important that they champion the use of digital technologies.

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