Mar 11, 2016

Analytics Nation

As an analyst, you’ve got an important OCCUPATION.
Even when you sometimes feel only AGGRAVATION.
There are disparate datasets creating FRUSTRATIONS.
With demanding clients and odd EXPECTATIONS.

Some real challenges to collect INFORMATION.
Keeping you on the phone without LIMITATION.
So many analytics transforms into COMMODITIZATION
Putting competitive pressure on Genpact’s RENUMERATION.

But analytics that drive insights bring CELEBRATION.
Even a bullet on a PowerPoint leads to ADULATION.
Yes, complaints and grumbles can lead to DEGREDATION.
But the value of the insights leads to client JUBILATION.

As an analyst, you’re a hero, with such EXCITATION.
And your value to our clients is without RESERVATION.
Some work might seem small and with CONSTERNATION.
But please give it your all, without DISPUTATION.

Controlling for scope creep requires NEGOTIATION.
Managing the client requires good COMMUNICATION.
When things go bad, requires even better PLACATION.
We work for the clients’ best interests without HESITATION.

Your role is essential, for the entire Genpact NATION.
Built on analytical best practices and process FOUNDATION.
This requires good sense and deep CONTEMPLATION.
Selecting variables and procedures in what COMBINATION.

There’s signal and noise, and data LIMITATIONS
You’ve a lot to consider when making CALCULATIONS.
From the moment an idea begins GERMINATION.
Each step of the process needs your full ORCHESTRATION.

So involved you must stay to provide NAVIGATION.
The analyst who cuts corners gives us all a bad REPUTATION.
Too many assumptions and bold EXAGGERATION
Can quickly lead to analytic error PROPOGATION.

When problems are found needs our RECTIFICATION.
Learn from problems and any DENUNCIATION
Of undeserved bias of those in our VOCATION.
All we need is your caring and loyal DEDICATION.

So really there isn’t a drop of JUSTIFICATION
For anything except a standing OVATION.
In lieu of that, accept this REPRESENTATION
Of the huge amount of our APPRECIATION.

In thanks for the times you made RECOMMENDATIONS
While keeping in mind the client SPECIFICATIONS.
When ideas and the data have not reached COAGULATION
You keep trying to get insights into CIRCULATION.

Bringing eurekas and more with EXHILIRATION.
Your motives are pure in creating UNIFICATION.
Bringing data and analytics together in CONSECRETION.
Helping clients is why you do this, as your MOTIVATION.

Being an analyst comes with several OBLIGATIONS.
You have an important job driving COMMENDATIONS.
While engaging SMEs and stakeholders in COLLABORATION
Which sometimes requires acts of PRESTIDIGITATION.

Each analysis you create with your FACILITATION
Helps meet goals,such as market cap RESTORATION,
People, process, technology, and analytic IDEATION,
All important parts of Genpact value CREATION.

About the author

David Hauser, PhD

David Hauser, PhD

Chief Science Officer, CPG and Specialty Analytics

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