Philippines Career Day | Agenda and speakers | Genpact

Genpact Philippines Career Day. Agenda and speakers

Philippines Career Day | 30th March 2023

Take a look at the exciting sessions in store:

  • Time: 3:00 PM – 3:05 PM
    Start - Welcome Video
  • Time: 3:05 PM – 3:10 PM
    Keynote address: Introduction and opening the Career Day: Jaquelyn Barrios, People Leader Philippines
  • Time: 3:10 PM – 3:25 PM
    Speaker: Prabhjot Singh, Vice President Operations
    Topic: #PursueABetterYou
  • Time: 3:30 AM – 3:55 PM
    Speaker: Janice Louvien Ordas, Fracnheska Guerra, Michelle Madlansacay
    Topic: #LifeAtG
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 4:20 PM
    Speaker: Ramon Mendoza and Nathaniel Villena
    Topic: Digital Re-imagined
  • Time: 4:20 PM – 4:55 PM
    Topic: Ask me anything – meet the hiring team
    AMAs with hiring leads
    Track Leads: Vishesh Raj, Hiring Leader Philippines and Manick Pooradam – Technology Hiring Leader, UK


Ramon Mendoza

Assistant Vice President for Operations

Nathaniel Villena

Assistant Vice President for Operations

Janice Louvien Ordas

Assistant Vice President for Operations

Francheska Guerra

Assistant Vice President for Operations

Michelle Madlansacay

Assistant Vice President for Training and Call Quality

Jaquelyn Barrios

People Leader Philippines

Prabhjot Singh

Vice President Operations

Vishesh Raj

Hiring Leader Philippines

Pooradam Manick

Technology Hiring Leader, UK