Diversity and Inclusion

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A Global and Diverse Workforce

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has been at the cornerstone of Genpact’s corporate culture since our inception in 1997 and has been paramount to our growth and success. It’s fully embraced in all regions where we operate – Asia, Pacific, Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

Our geographically-distributed workforce fosters an environment where individuals of diverse race, color, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, age, disability, and marital and parental status may succeed professionally and fully contribute to the goals of Genpact.

We believe D&I is important because it’s a critical enabler and accelerator of financial performance and innovation. Additionally, it makes Genpact an employer of choice. The core objectives of our D&I program – growth into a more global organization and increased gender balance in leadership – are ingrained in every corner of our business, every day and in every time zone. We are also continually leveraging benchmarks and metrics to drive transformation and continuous improvements in these two strategic imperatives.

Watch our client Mary Hoeltzel - VP and Global Chief Accounting Officer - Cigna, share her insights

Global Diversity

Our operations began in India as a division of GE Capital, but Genpact is now an independent, publicly-traded company with a presence in more than 20 countries with senior management evenly dispersed across both emerging markets and the developed markets where our clients are based. Our workforce represents 65 nationalities.

The current geographic spread of Genpact’s senior management (SVPs and VPs) comprises 48% in US and Latin America; 33% in India; 14% in Europe; 3% in China and Japan; 1% in Philippines. We have become experts in how to effectively work across borders through multi-cultural orientation, training, and technology.

Gender Diversity

Genpact’s commitment to having a gender balanced workforce is also traced to our roots to foster a culture of inclusivity. Our Gender Diversity agenda comprises five strategic pillars:

Creating a supportive and safe ecosystem
At Genpact, we do whatever it takes to make our organization ‘women-friendly’- right from flexible work policies to onsite childcare centers to systems and infrastructure. Genpact offers six weeks of fully paid parental leave in the US, for all new parents, be it fathers, mothers or adoptive parents. Effective January 2017, we have increased paid maternity leave in India from 12 weeks to 26 weeks for birth mothers, adopting, and commissioning mothers. Our Returning Moms program, currently operational in India and the Philippines, helps ensure that women returning from maternity leave have a smooth transition by making the best effort to accommodate their shift timing and location of choice. In December 2018, the Department of Health in the Philippines awarded us with the Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace Certification.

Driving inclusion
We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where all our employees are recognized and valued for their specific attributes and contributions. We realize the importance of driving sensitization in building a more inclusive workforce. We regularly host networking forums for our employees to engage with women leaders both inside and outside of Genpact and explore the power of people talking about diversity and inclusion – creating awareness and making it a part and parcel of their work life.

A good part of this effort encompasses identifying our unconscious biases, bringing them to the forefront, and addressing them effectively, so we have specific training programs available for all employees.

We have a zero tolerance towards harassment of women at the workplace and stringent policies in accordance with the law.

Developing women leaders
At Genpact we believe in nurturing talent to create fantastic leaders. Sponsoring is a key component of continuous learning and development because it plays a vital role in breaking barriers, providing opportunities and accelerating women leaders. ‘Pay it Forward’, our sponsorship program nurtures and scales existing sponsor and protégé relationships. The program encourages proteges to sponsor other women, ensuring that each woman has someone supporting her at the organization.

We also partner with the US and UK Chapter of the 30 Percent Club on their exclusive cross-mentoring programs.

We ensure 40% or more gender diversity for all of our existing internal Global Leadership Development (GLD) programs. Business functions have also launched their own leadership and development programs addressing networking, training, and sponsorship. In particular, Genpact’s Banking and Financial Services (BFS) business has successfully been running the “Aparajita L&D program” for women since 2014. In recognition of these efforts, Genpact’s BFS business leader won the “Noon Award” at the Gender Equality and Diversity Conference in London and the “WiLL Women’s Choice” Award in India in 2015. The initiative was also showcased at the Gender Equality and Diversity Conference in London and at Catalyst India’s D&I Logues Conference in Mumbai in 2015. In 2017, the program received an Honorable Mention Citation at the ATD Excellence in Practice Awards for Diversity and Inclusion.

Attracting diverse talent
We hire top gender diverse talent by incorporating best practices for diverse hiring particularly at the mid-management to senior levels of leadership, when women tend to drop off the career ladder. Our flagship initiative, Genpact Career 2.0, focuses on re-employing women, including providing and maintaining a strong organizational support ecosystem in terms of the flexibility required to successfully contribute to personal and professional goals.

Cultivating external network
To ensure that Genpact is leveraging all available best practices to help build an even more gender-inclusive workforce, we partner with leading organizations. Our President and CEO Tiger Tyagarajan serves on the Boards of Catalyst  is one of the founding members of the US chapter of the 30 Percent Club, a global group of business leaders across industries who are working together to achieve better gender balance at all levels of organizations including corporate boards.

We continue these practices today and have expanded them significantly around the world. Our practices take a holistic approach in furthering gender diversity at every level of the organization – with a particular focus on leadership levels – and are structured around attracting, developing, advancing, and retaining top talent. As Tiger Tyagarajan states in his blog, gender diversity is critical to the success of any company and is not just another box that a company checks off of a list. He has also written extensively about global talent development and the need for inclusiveness, especially by increasing the number of women in the workforce.

At a Glance

  • 40% women in the global workforce, and rising
  • We have seen significant increases in representation of women at our top levels of leadership, with 22% women at SVP level, 25% women in the Genpact Leadership Council (our highest level of leadership) and 25% women on board.
  • Women in Genpact (WINGS) network has engaged more than 50,000 employees since 2016, with more than 500 Genpact clients hosting nearly 100 forums.
  • As of January 2019, we have achieved 47% female participation in our Global Leadership Development programs
  • Pay it Forward, our Sponsorship Program is accelerating the growth of 650 high potential women through the right resources
  • Work-life continuity that promotes employee well-being through inclusive policies, support systems, services, and employee assistance programs