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The future of workflows is digital

A fully functional digital dynamic workflow is essential for efficient, and effective business processes. Genpact drives a truly integrated approach to help enterprises run agile, digitally-enabled business processes through the front, middle, and back offices. We enhance operational efficiency by ensuring that every process step is explicitly defined, monitored over time, and optimized for maximum productivity.

Genpact can rapidly and easily integrate with clients' existing ERP, CRM, email/file systems, mainframes, and databases. Our workflows can even integrate with IoT programs, enabling smart devices to interact with BPM applications.


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Genpact Cora SeQuence management suite automates and optimizes business processes to drive agility, controllership and enable firms to quickly streamline and automate complex processes and transform their business. Our workflow suite is called Cora SeQuence:

Sequence is a web-based, enterprise-level workflow management system which optimizes business processes, enabling organizations to achieve business transformation using unique HotChange® technology. Sequence can be easily integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and other ERP/CRM systems. We offer a range of deployment options for Cora SeQuence: on-premises, managed on-premises, hosted, and SaaS. Sequence connects people, systems and devices with intelligent workflows that achieve business goals.

Case management software enables subject matter experts to handle unstructured case work and make dynamic decisions based on each case. Genpact case management software uses HotOperations™, a unique technology powered by our intelligent BPM suite, which enables operations managers to optimize case work allocation in real time, and thereby reduce costs and increase profit.

Sequence CRM edition (SCE) is a unique Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based BPM and workflow software that enables teams to design advanced CRM workflows in an intuitive visual interface. SCE includes powerful CRM horizontal and vertical solutions for a wide range of industries.

Consulting services: Genpact works with each of our customers and partners to design the optimal solution. Our implementation teams ensure rapid deployment, full integration with existing systems and the shortest time-to-solution possible. We use our proprietary Evolutionary BPM methodology to achieve rapid ROI through cycles of continual improvement.


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