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The dynamics of a customer's decision-making process have been significantly influenced by several technological advances in the last decade. Search engines, websites, online forums, and social networking sites are gaining significance over traditional channels of information, such as television, radio, print, or direct mail. Organizations that previously only had access to institution-controlled customer data or syndicated research data now have a wealth of information from a multitude of sources, demanding innovative methods to gain insights and maintain competitive advantage.

We offer a comprehensive and integrated suite of services that includes primary and secondary research, social media research, media monitoring, and measurement, supplemented by advanced technology and capabilities. Our services deliver deep insights into their customers' attitudes, preferences, and experiences that help them make smarter business decisions. Guided by our Lean DigitalSM approach, we re-architect clients' business operations by combining design thinking and Lean principles with digital technologies domain expertise.


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Genpact offers an integrated suite of offerings, including: 

Market category and sector research

  • Industry
  • Macroeconomic
  • Patent
  • Customer profiling
  • Product comparisons
  • Market sizing
  • Market basket studies

Media monitoring and measurement (traditional and social media)

  • Tracking industry and competitor news, government policies, and regulations that impact the industry and consumers, etc.
  • Advanced metrics for comprehensive analysis with qualitative and quantitative reports examining varied measurement parameters

Consumer experience analytics
Mapping the consumer journey and leveraging insights from three key phases:

  • Data assessment
  • Consumer experience analysis design
  • Operationalized reporting

Presentation services

  • Direct marketing: Pitch books, selling memos, mailers, newsletters, logos/icons/forms, data sheets
  • Interactive and digital marketing: Multimedia, presentations

Financial research solutions
With over 1,700 professionals possessing advanced qualifications in finance and management, our financial research team is the largest within our research practice. We provide services in the areas of investment banking and advisory, equity, fixed income, currencies and commodities research, asset management, and private equity/venture capital support, and business and social media research within financial services and capital markets. Learn more.


Our research practice provides forward-looking, actionable insights to businesses. Our multi-capability model delivers a superior quality output and helps clients realize over 20% savings through productivity alone.