Industrial Manufacturing & Technical Services

Generating Smart Industrial Insight Impact

In the current low-growth environment, global manufacturers fight for competitiveness by ramping up their innovation activity, increasing efficiency, and adding value to their offerings. At Genpact, we have more than 15 years of experience in helping global manufacturers improve their top-line revenues and optimize costs. We offer a range of analytical and insight services covering supply chain, risk, sourcing, inventory optimization solutions, and business intelligence and reporting.

Genpact powers intelligence across manufacturing enterprises through a unique combination of smarter processes, smarter analytics, and smarter technologies.


Genpact's deep Lean and Six Sigma process expertise, and effective IT have made us an industry leader in analytics, with over 3,600 analytics professionals, 90% of whom have advanced degrees in statistics, operations research, business management, and economics. Our analytics solutions include:

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After Market Services

  • Service Contract Analytics
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Reliability Analytics

Commercial Operations Services

  • Pricing Analytics
  • Risk Analytics (Operational, Market, and Credit Risk Analytics)

Sales and Marketing Services

  • Business Research
  • Sales Analytics

We also provide a range of services in research and media covering digital media consulting, social media monitoring, measurement, and analytics.


Genpact provides a cost-effective, scalable global delivery model including offshore locations, applies a targeted approach (significant revenue categories/geographies, at-risk products, etc.) and utilizes customized proprietary tools (e.g., Inventory Optimizer) and methodologies. We also leverage and augment clients’ existing resources and tools. Our technology solutions can be on-premise or cloud-based.

Some of the benefits accrued by our global manufacturing clients include: