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Industrial Manufacturing Outsourcing, Services & Solutions

Industrial manufacturers are looking to redesign their current operating models to address the increasing volatility and combat challenges such as cost and margin pressures, flat growth, increasing competition and limited talent pools

Thanks to our heritage as part of General Electric (GE), Genpact arguably understands the industrial manufacturing business better than anyone else and is able to provide a range of business process services including transformation, technology, analytics and outsourcing – applied to a range of business functions spanning from Finance to After Market Services.

Genpact’s industrial equipment solutions help OEMs achieve their strategic goals by enhancing their competitiveness and operational efficiency. Combining industry and business process knowledge, Genpact’s talent pool of Lean and Six Sigma, analytics, reengineering experts deliver maximum efficiency that helps companies achieve results quickly.
  • Genpact is different because of: Over 17 years’ experience in providing end-to-end services and solutions to industrial equipment manufacturing companies
  • Lean engineering and product design expertise in the aviation, energy, oil and gas and transportation industries
  • Able to support an optimal operating model to meet manufacturing engineering capacity flexibility requirements, to scale up and down with relatively short lead times
  • Strategic and technology partnerships with leading service and software providers

Segments We Address

Genpact offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to industrial manufacturing companies. Our expertise spans across different segments:

Aerospace OEM

Genpact supports the Aerospace OEM industry’s need for developing innovative and cost effective solution. Genpact provides support across landing gear, avionics, flight control, nacelles and structures, engines and external. Read More

Power Generation OEM

Power Generation OEMs rely on Genpact to meet their requirement of designing and developing equipment that meet stringent design norms and strict fail-safe mechanism at optmized cost. Read More

Oil and Gas OEM

Genpact enables Oil & Gas OEMs to improve their business processes, meet regulatory compliance, and manage enterprise risk more effectively. Read More

Medical Equipment

Genpact combines Lean Six Sigma, process expertise, Big Data analytics, and technology that transform medical equipment businesses to operate intelligently and effectively. Read More

  • Increased liquidity and an accelerated cash realization of US$11 million through collection process reengineering supported by analytics and technology for a global industrial major.
  • Helped a leading petrochemical manufacturer identify duplicate payments worth €1.3 million and working capital blockage of €1 million through a payment process review audit. Read the complete story
  • Genpact’s smarter processes delivered US$75MM in cash flow and US$3.5MM in profit for a major electrical company. Read the complete story
  • Helped a petroleum company identify claims aggregating US$27 million across 5 vendors for noncompliance to contractual terms and conditions. Read the complete story
  • Optimized working capital for a leading energy company by deploying SaaS, which helped in reducing DSO by 7 days, releasing millions in cash within 6 months. Read the complete story
  • Delivered a bottom-line impact, with 12% savings of the addressable spend for a global energy company, by deploying smarter sourcing and spend management strategies and ensuring compliant processes globally. Read the complete story
  • Partnered with a leading aerospace OEM for a comprehensive assessment of its entire supply chain function. Root causes were identified, and our team implemented multiple solutions that increased supply chain visibility, reduced raw material inventory by 48% and improved working capital by US$31 million. Read the complete story
  • Genpact transformed supply chain operations of a global transportation major with smarter process, analytics and technology, resulting in optimized overall inventory, reduced ordering cost, stock outs and aged inventory. Read the complete story
  • Helped in a 56% reduction in working capital and US$30 million in cost avoidance through effective field inventory management and reverse logistics strategies for a global medical equipment company. Read the complete story
  • Helped a U.S. based global energy equipment major set up a full-stack BI-enabled supplier performance measurement system, resulting in improved supplier relationships. Read the complete story
  • Genpact created a smarter inventory tracking process for locomotive kits, producing more than US$4 million business impact for heavy motor vehicle manufacturer. Read the complete story
  • Genpact’s global process reengineering helped a medical equipment company accelerate revenues by US$75 million and provide visibility into fulfillment and associated risks.
  • Genpact’s value engineering services helped a global aerospace OEM reduce engine design cycle time and deliver more quickly to the end customer. Genpact also developed new and improved design for manufacturability, leading to long-term continuous improvement for the client. Read the complete story
  • Helped develop and deploy an integrated solution for smarter sourcing processes and effective transactional procurement activities for a leading energy equipment manufacturer. Read the complete story
  • Helped an aerospace component manufacturer save US$1.6 million in costs and reduce machine setup time by 30% by applying design modularity principles.
  • Genpact conducted detailed research on TVC technology and then conceptualized, designed, developed, tested and delivered the new product design. This resulted in a two-month decrease in design cycle time, leading to faster time to market for a gas turbine manufacturer.
  • Genpact provided a seamless remote monitoring infrastructure setup and preventive and ongoing maintenance support to a power generation OEM. Asset uptime was improved by up to 10%, and gas turbine efficiency also increased, leading to higher end-customer satisfaction.