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Delivering the care your patients need amidst spiraling costs, new healthcare regulatory reforms, the ICD-10 transition and shrinking revenue requires improved process effectiveness. Genpact’s hospital optimization, end-to-end coding solutions and revenue cycle management consulting are process-based, founded on a heritage of Lean Six Sigma and anchored in the tenets of Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM), a result-oriented approach to greater productivity, improved work and supply flows and smarter operational performance. We redesign processes from end to end to support optimal care, from the minute your patient walks in the door through billing and claims settlement. We provide the efficient roadmap you need to reduce costs and improve care through quicker admissions and discharges, more accurate control of medicines and supplies and faster coding and billing. Our solutions let you focus on patient care while we do the rest.

Healthcare organizations are seeking ways to improve their workflows and information management for quicker admissions and discharges, more accurate control of medicines and supplies, faster coding and billing and efficient patient processes that support optimal care. Achieving these results requires them to work smarter through efficiently designed processes that reduce costs and meet rising patient expectations. Genpact’s solutions apply Lean, Six Sigma and SEPSM methodologies, typically reserved for business processes, to information management and hospital operations, reducing the time medical personnel spend on non-value-adding activities and increasing the time spent on patient care.

  • Hospital Optimization:

    Genpact employs its strong process management and reengineering skills to improve hospital performance, designing efficient and effective workflows, so medical personnel can spend less time on non-value-adding activities and more time caring for their patients.
  • Hospital Coding:

    Genpact’s ability to optimize process performance flows naturally into clinical coding, enabling us to specialize in highly accurate coding services that not only streamline the ICD-10 transition but also improve submission times on claims and increase coding capacity and productivity.
  • Revenue Cycle Management Consulting:

    Genpact is well versed in end-to-end revenue cycle management. From cash posting and EOB processing through denial management, insurance follow-ups and self-pay, we increase performance. The resulting shorter revenue cycles ensure increased cash flow at reduced costs.

Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH), a top pediatric facility with over 600 attending physicians, was experiencing low patient satisfaction due to long wait times and a lengthy discharge process. Genpact applied the Lean, Six Sigma and SEPSM methodologies typically reserved for business processes to three of the hospital’s workflows – patient flow, cash flow and supplies flow. By using an end-to-end process approach, MCH was able to improve efficiency and enhance the patient experience and care levels. The result: happier patients and a more intelligent enterprise.

Business Impact:

Genpact’s solution enabled a 4X return on investment for the hospital through:
  • An 18% decrease in patient wait times
  • Increased utilization of equipment and infrastructure, generating additional capacity
  • A 3% increase in customer satisfaction

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