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Putting the patient at the heart of healthcare

Empowering the patient and enabling a competitive edge for providers

Bringing the spotlight to patient care

The healthcare sector is moving toward hyper-personalized care and patient experience, which revolves around value-based care. With patient dollars increasing in contribution, they are now demanding better control and choice of services. Here are some of the key aspects defining how we look at the healthcare industry today.

  • The focus of the healthcare ecosystem shifts to value-based care. The orientation of care and reimbursements center around patient experience and clinical outcomes
  • Employers, employees, and individuals are seeking to make their own decisions based on publicly available information as patient contribution increases
  • There is a growing demand for greater health equity at a population level. Regulators are mandating improved access to care and price transparency

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Genpact: Enabling healthcare transformation

At Genpact, we believe better patient experience, operational efficiency, and clinical outcomes at lower costs begin with data-driven decision-making and data sharing. Our expertise and experience in delivering operational transformation help organizations deliver superior experiences to customers and employees. We help create smarter and more equitable care for the future while providing patients with more affordable and effective healthcare.

  • 20 years of industry knowledge
  • 70+ delivery centers
  • 700+ clients, one-fourth of which are Global Fortune 500 companies

We help create smarter and more equitable care for the future

Streamlining operations to speed care provision and enable growth

Genpact drives operational efficiencies, embeds automation, and enables seamless integration across platforms, leading to frictionless back-office function at reduced costs. This helps healthcare companies focus on adding value in terms of patient care and experience.

Increasing patient value with powerful insights

Genpact helps bring together clinical data, payer data, and digital health, and therapeutic apps enabled with AI-based analytics to provide holistic as well as predictive views of patient health. Payers, providers, and pharmacies can get better views of patient health and medication adherence.

Building a future of fair healthcare that's affordable and accessible for all

Genpact's analytics capabilities combine multiple data points with AI and machine learning capabilities to predict high risks for specific populations or communities. This helps providers and pharmacies predict risks and enable preventive healthcare programs.

Holistic healthcare that patients can count on throughout

Rightpoint, a Genpact company, designs holistic omnichannel smart experiences that deliver personalized care. This helps bring great experiences to life. It reimagines the experience from the payers', employees', members', and employers' standpoints.

With Genpact, clients can reap the benefit of:

  • Transformed back-end operations
  • Increasing patient value with powerful insights
  • Bringing large sets of unstructured and structured data together
  • Transformed patient experience

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