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Transforming consumer connections with strategic insights and intelligent operations

Operations that forecast and act on fast-changing consumer needs

Introducing the next–generation consumer

Shifting consumer trends and economic upheaval have disrupted the consumer goods value chain. Brands must adapt to find a competitive edge.

  • Consumers demand more – they are more selective about the goods they buy, demanding local, authentic, and ethical products
  • Competition has increased – thanks to digital technologies reducing barriers to entry and e-commerce platforms offering global reach
  • Digital experiences are key – consumers expect a seamless online experience, diverse offerings, and authentic and tailored communications
  • Increase operational efficiency– low organic growth means consumer goods organizations must break down silos and increase collaboration for frictionless internal processes that enable a focus on growth

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How Genpact helps: Holistic transformation, integrated operations, and deep consumer insights

To stay competitive, consumer goods companies need to fully integrate operations, optimize supply chain forecasting, drive profitability, and adapt to changing consumer needs. Our holistic approach to transformation combines our deep consumer goods process know-how and retail ecosystem experience with the intelligent application of data engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to help our clients evolve from the ground up.

We have decades of experience in the value chain ecosystem. Every year we manage:


CPG client spend


SKU process


in inventory


consumer goods transactions

Empowering global consumer goods and retail giants with intelligent operations and data-driven insights for success.

Our global clients include:
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With Genpact, you can reshape operations around the consumer

Helping clients get the insights they need to predict consumer demand

Clients can integrate business planning for accurate forecasts that increase revenue growth, thanks to our combination of real-time insights and predictive analytics.

Empowering consumer goods companies to build seamless processes

We help clients create end-to-end intelligent ecosystems with their retail partners and incorporate their own digital channels. Our clients enjoy smoother relationships with retailers because they can execute frictionless financial processes and responsive promotional strategies.

Enabling supply chain visibility and agility

Genpact integrates clients' supply and demand data with e–commerce platforms and retail partners, enabling frictionless deliveries and payments as well as optimized CX.

Giving clients the right tool to optimize promotions and pricing

Genpact combines process expertise with analytics to increase transparency, reduce revenue leakage, and increase sales. By integrating these elements into the end-to-end ecosystem, promotional opportunities can be targeted to consumer needs.

Using our solutions, clients reap benefits such as the ability to:

  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Close books more accurately and on time
  • Manage risk and regulatory compliance proactively
  • Improve UX
  • Improved margins by plugging revenue leakages

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