Build the supply chain of the future with data analytics
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Building the supply chain of the future with data analytics

You can't run tomorrow's business on yesterday's supply chain

To succeed in the digital age, supply chain managers recognize that efficient operations are the bedrock of a sound business. But many organizations struggle to cope with the realities of today's complex business environment.

To help alleviate these pain points, we've partnered with some of the world's largest companies to transform and run their supply chain operations — so they can thrive in the digital age. Our offerings span supply chain planning, global transportation and logistics, and after-sales services. Relying on more than 20 years of consulting and technology experience, our mission is to continue building the supply chain of the future.


Supply chain transformation at pace

From sudden changes in demand to supply constraints and logistical challenges, supply chain operations are at constant risk of disruption. Complicating matters further are the silos associated with running a global business, especially when each geography has disconnected supply and demand workflows. Add fierce competition to the mix, and the results are anything but ideal.

With the stakes higher than ever before, enterprise leaders increasingly require more from their supply chains. More value. More agility. More intelligence. And more innovation.


Adaptive and responsive supply chain operations

Leap ahead with Genpact's supply chain analytics solutions. Unlock sustainable value across your planning, logistics, and aftermarket functions. Make your operations more intelligent. Achieve unprecedented visibility, control, and collaboration. Influence the customer experience. We can show you how.

From consulting to building your analytics capabilities, our solutions power long-term supply chain transformation. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, for example, we empower supply chain managers to make decisions at speed, resulting in greater efficiencies and lower operational costs. With data-driven insights, you can forecast more accurately, navigate disruption better, and solve some of your most complex challenges. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Plan: We offer planning-as-a-service, including forecasting analytics, product lifecycle analytics, demand planning, and inventory management, supply and materials requirement planning, sales and operations planning support, promotion, and inventory analytics
  • Make: Our manufacturing offerings include predictive and prescriptive maintenance, production lead time optimization, material, and machine design simulation, energy monitoring and management, quality support, asset management, and cost driver analysis
  • Deliver: Our logistics solutions include transportation-planning-as-a-service, capacity and lane planning, lead and quote management, order management, order fulfillment, network design and optimization, product quality analysis, global trade compliance, and logistics and execution support
  • After-sales: includes after-sales services, service contract management, asset management, dealer management, parts-tools-field services optimization, and warranty and claims management

Plus, our partner ecosystem makes us a one-stop shop for all your supply chain needs. Here are some examples:

  • Kinaxis: Helps businesses digitally transform their supply chain planning capabilities to improve visibility and accelerate time to market
  • e2open: Enables planning, execution, and shaping through open cloud-based architecture
  • Anaplan: Allows extended planning and analysis through collaborative workflow and real-time scenario analysis in the supply chain
  • o9: Transforms supply chain performance with digital technologies, including generative AI
  • Llamasoft: Enhances network design through modeling, analysis, and optimization
  • PTC Servigistics: Strengthens service parts planning, pricing, and service management

We also have strategic partnerships with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Celonis, Deloitte, and other RPA solution partners.

From global chip shortages to pandemic-related disruption, our advanced planning, logistics, and lead-time optimization tools improve end-to-end operations.

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Delivering value through augmented intelligence

Genpact's supply chain analytics solutions let your workforce turn your supply chain data into a source of knowledge – faster, more accurately, and more efficiently. We call this augmented intelligence. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Delivery confidence. Our approach improves on-time and in-full delivery by 5–10%. In some cases, we've increased on-time delivery by 98–99%
  • Be more accurate. We help organizations achieve 15–20% better forecast accuracy and capture efficiencies of 10–25% in their supply chain planning
  • Cut costs. Our clients enjoy typical operating cost reductions of 30–40%, and logistics cost reductions of 10–15%
  • Increase customer satisfaction. By enhancing the customer experience, our clients have achieved a 10–25% improvement in customer satisfaction

Case study

Relying on the power of data to make decisions

The challenge: A global retailer knew its supply chain operations had become outdated. For most day-to-day operations, employees at this organization relied on email and spreadsheets to manage their workflow. The result? Inefficient processes and frustrated clients and employees.

The solution: First, we implemented a transportation management system, digitally connecting the company's domestic and international freight movement. Then, we automated most processes and provided visibility into all inbound and outbound shipments through a supply chain control tower. Finally, we automated weekly and monthly reporting to increase visibility into critical KPIs.

The impact: Soon after we deployed these solutions, the retailer achieved a 10% reduction in transportation costs through improved control and auditing and an 8% reduction in negotiated rates. In addition, process automation allowed the company to re-task 25% of its supply chain professionals. Plus, better visibility of shipment routes and status resulted in shortened product lead times and improved client communications.

What makes Genpact different?

Our clients choose us because:

  • We reimagine your entire operations. We combine consulting and technology capabilities with deep experience in services and analytics to help you achieve transformation at scale
  • We bring deep industry experience. Our broad range of ERP and supply chain technology capabilities, backed by our strategic supply chain management alliances, gives you the industry and operational literacy you need to accelerate your transformation
  • Our suite of solutions propels innovation. Genpact builds its technologies on a layer of data and digital capabilities, allowing you to automate processes, improve agility, and deliver timely insights and performance metrics, setting the foundation for continuous innovation
  • We bring global reach with a local presence. Our integrated network of supply chain management delivery and excellence centers are strategically located close to your key markets and work together to deliver services across time zones and geographies

Our supply chain management solutions, tools, and services ensure they deliver goods from suppliers to customers in the most efficient way. Every supply chain organization faces different challenges, and that is why we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to supply chain management.

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