Streamlining a turbulent online experience for an airline
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Streamlining a turbulent online experience for a major airline

How a mobile-optimized website increased customer satisfaction and revenue

Who we worked with

One of the world's top airlines, which manages thousands of flights every day.

How we helped

Genpact researched, designed, tested against end users, and implemented a new website focused on improving the customer experience. Genpact also coached and mentored the client through agile in order to get a shippable product out sooner.

What the company needed

To replace a website that was designed for desktop use and difficult to navigate on mobile devices. The solution also needed to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to support customers with additional needs.

What the company got

An intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive online experience – accessible across all form factors – that increased customer satisfaction and revenue.


Balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the customer

A major airline was seeking advice on how to create a responsive, mobile-optimized, and future-proof website that made it easy for customers to plan, book, review, and modify trips. The current website did not adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and operating platforms, which made it difficult for customers to use. This clunky experience forced many customers to turn to the app or abandon the booking experience entirely.

There was also a need to address a high degree of accessibility guidelines in the design of a new website. These guidelines ensure that every user, whatever their needs or circumstances, have a good experience. The airline wanted to exceed, and not just meet, these expectations.

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Built on research, focused on exceptional experiences

Genpact's experience team worked with the airline to take a deep dive into their requirements. Part of this process was understanding how the needs of the business mapped to the needs of the customer. Reviewing existing platforms, systems, and applications alongside detailed interviews with key stakeholders, revealed the necessary criteria. Plus, the airline's senior executives were involved every step of the way to make sure the solution would meet their strategic goals.

Our agile approach included agile coaching and design and development sprints. These sprints led to the creation of an interactivity concept and a navigation framework that focused on making it easier for customers to find information. These designs also adhered to the latest online accessibility guidelines.

Some solution highlights included:

  • A new mobile web responsive design site with improved accessibility
  • A new online framework, React, which is now the airline's standard
  • Applying Google's Progressive Web Apps technology to combine the flexibility of online with the performance of native apps

To some, the research stage may seem lengthy, but it is essential to create a common vision of what needed to protect resources and ensure the customer experience is always the top priority.


Happier customers that put more money in the airline's pocket

The new design put the customer experience first. Whatever device the customer chose to access the airline's website on, the imagery would adapt to the screen accordingly. The intuitive layout also made it easier for users to self-serve, which led to increased customer satisfaction, more bookings, and, ultimately, more revenue.

Perhaps most importantly, the new design ensured that every customer felt valued. Whether users had additional needs or accessibility challenges, the website could accommodate them. This not only drives customer loyalty but also has a positive impact on the airline's reputation as an inclusive company.

Going forward, Genpact is working with the airline to create a consistent and seamless customer experience across all touch points. While it's a huge improvement, the updated website is only the first leg of its customer-experience journey.

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