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Delighting shoppers with in-store digital tools . . .

...and giving retailers valuable insights

Who we worked with

A provider of personalized shopper engagement and analytics for retailers and brands.

What the company needed

Our client wanted to move retail in-store shopping into the digital age. It needed help designing a mobile solution that captures shopping patterns and in-store behavior, including aisle-level product performance and the amount of time customers stayed in each aisle. The client was also looking for a way for brands and retailers to push targeted campaigns and personalized messages to shoppers—and to delight customers with a platform that improves their in-store experience.

How we helped

We devised a mobile solution with an app for customers that ensured their in-store engagement. What’s more, we applied an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and Beacon technologies to track in-store user movement and give the company powerful analytics and detailed insights about shopping patterns and interactions.

What the company got

  • Better understanding of customer’s in-store shopping patterns and buying behavior
  • Heightened brand awareness and increased sales with tailored deals, contextual messaging, and brand promotions
  • Analytics on shopper’s traffic patterns that optimized store performance and boosted profitability


Bring in-store shopping into the digital age

Today, digitally savvy people often opt to shop for services and products online – and as they do, brands and retailers can capture pertinent insights about their preferences.

But how can retailers gather information from those customers who prefer to shop in stores? That was our client’s challenge: Find a way to add value to the in-store shopping experience, while collecting meaningful in-store data to analyze for informed decision-making.


Position technology that informs the retailer and delights the customer

To capture shopping patterns – to reveal how customers browse and how long they spend in each aisle – we recommended an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and Beacon technologies solution. The bonus: Using the same tools, retailers could make personalized in-store offers by simply accessing a database of information about the shopper’s previous buying patterns and habits.

Shoppers download an app and use it to create a shopping list before they visit the store. Retailers place beacons throughout their space, ensuring little lag time in transmission signals. They then promote a mobile app for shoppers where they can add items to a shopping-cart as they would for online shopping—all before visiting the store. When they enter, an uploaded floor map integrates with their app to provide a diagram of the full store layout, with items on their shopping lists pinpointed. Using signal fingerprinting data, the app calculates the shopper’s whereabouts and shows them the shortest route to get to each of the items on their list. The app also offers custom deals both before and during the customer’s visit.

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A case in point

Here’s how it would work for our mythical shopper, Amy. Before leaving for the office, she downloads the client-powered shopping app and quickly creates a grocery list. (She also receives notifications via e-mail on the app with offers customized to her needs.) With a simple click, she organizes what she is looking for aisle by aisle. When she finally gets to the supermarket, she follows the pinpoints on her mobile app to easily locate what she needs. Based on Amy’s opt-in, the client’s platform and the in-store technology, the app alerts her to special offers while she’s in store. Amy leaves happy that she saved time and money and is looking forward to her next store visit.


More adventurous customers, higher profits

With a new in-store system in place and mobile apps drawing their attention to deals designed just for them, shoppers are more inclined to go outside their comfort zones to try new products. Targeted offers at competitive prices and an ongoing online rapport with retailers – not to mention faster checkouts – also prompt greater customer loyalty.

What’s more retailers enjoy peak store performance and boosted profitability thanks to the valuable insights they get regarding traffic patterns using iBeacons. Retailers can also create and monitor performance of media campaigns across multiple chains.

That’s really bringing in-store shopping into the digital age.

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