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Create meaningful connections with customers

How audience insights reveal a track to growth

Envision Racing knows about the importance of using data to make fast, accurate decisions. Every time this Formula E racing team hits the track, its skills are put to the test. But taking a podium position is not the only goal. Envision Racing is also leading the race against climate change. To win, the team partners with Genpact to connect people, processes, and racing knowledge to navigate the unexpected twists, turns, and challenges of an increasingly competitive lineup. Now, it's exploring how experience-led transformation – which begins with detailed audience research – can accelerate growth. For every enterprise, attracting and retaining customers is essential. Similarly, Envision Racing was looking for ways to engage more deeply with existing fans and attract and retain new ones. The marketing team worked with Rightpoint, a Genpact company, to dig deeply into the brand's fan base to test assumptions, identify untapped growth opportunities, and enhance fan experiences.

The challenge

Gearing up for growth

On the racetrack, Genpact helps Envision Racing harness the power of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics – turning data into actionable insights that get the team across the finish line ahead of its rivals.

Beyond the racetrack, Envision Racing operates at a unique intersection of motorsports, entertainment, and environmentalism. Its broad and complex target audience consumes both live and on-demand racing content via a range of digital channels. And its sustainability mission is woven into everything the team does, as it seeks to inspire a generation to value clean energy.

Working with the Envision Racing marketing team, we began to explore experience-led research strategies to understand the preferences, expectations, and needs of its fans. Just as customers are the lifeblood of an enterprise, fans are the lifeblood of Envision Racing, which is why strong fan relationships are so critical to achieving its growth and sustainability mission.

We designed the research project to help Envision Racing:

  • Take full advantage of every profitable growth opportunity
  • Enhance its fan-base targeting and engagement strategies
  • Build a fan base that can amplify the race-against-climate-change message

The solution

Capturing data-driven audience insights

Experience-led businesses create a competitive advantage by looking at their business from the outside in, applying third-party insights to uncover what customers truly want and need. For Envision Racing, Rightpoint began collating and analyzing an enormous amount of relevant fan data from GlobalWebIndex – the world's largest syndicated survey of connected consumers.

We turned this data into detailed fan personas such as the Urban Experience Fan and the Eco-Conscious Fan. These personas include information on fan demographics, media-consumption habits, social-media behavior, brand preferences, and sports affinities. We also made recommendations to help Envision Racing tailor its marketing strategies to the needs of each persona.

Lastly, we ran a segmentation exercise across the personas to identify what unites and differentiates them. We created summary cards of each fan segment, providing a quick reference tool to guide day-to-day marketing decisions that enhance and refine targeting strategies and content creation.

The impact

Strengthening relationships and seizing opportunities

The research has validated some of the team's original hypotheses, such as that its target audience is younger, tech savvy, and more concerned about sustainability than the average sports fan. Validating these assumptions reassures the marketing team that some of its existing investments – such as new digital products and paid media – are wise.

Perhaps most impactful is the team's newfound ability to identify opportunities to reach a fan base that's much larger than originally thought. For example, there's a growing interest in Formula E in India and APAC, which offers the potential for major growth in previously untapped markets.

Today, Envision Racing uses these data-driven insights to forge strong relationships with new and existing fans as the marketing team can make informed decisions on how to develop and evolve its marketing strategy. These insights also help the team secure profitable commercial relationships with brands that aspire to connect with audiences that fit its fan profiles.

"We now have a much more sophisticated understanding of our fan base and how to achieve our aggressive growth goals and sustainability vision," says Daniel Matson, head of marketing at Envision Racing. "The research insights we uncovered make it much easier for us to develop more personalized experiences for a variety of fans. And, as every decision we make is now backed by data-driven insights, we can act with confidence."

Even as its fan base evolves, the Envision Racing marketing team understands how to conduct audience analysis to effectively attract and engage fans. The team can dig deeply into a variety of data to develop a strategy for transformative growth. And, like any business looking to get ahead in a competitive market, it's ready and raring to capitalize on every opportunity.

Read on to see how the research methods we brought to Envision Racing can enhance your business.

From the racetrack to the boardroom

Banking and capital markets

With some customers, you get one chance to make a first impression

A data-driven approach to audience analysis is essential to developing exceptional customer experiences. Audience insights help businesses identify new ways to reach customers and refine existing engagement strategies.

To grow their businesses, financial institutions need to connect with younger customers entering the personal banking and wealth management market for the first time. Audience analysis helps them meet those audience segments where they are by providing a deep understanding of key psychographic and behavioral drivers. This data can be turned into insights into how to craft marketing strategies that resonate with a younger audience.


Acting on insight means acting with agility

In times of crisis, customers want their insurers to act fast. Insurers need real-time insights into how market disruption – like COVID-19's – changes the needs and demographics of customers to quickly adjust messaging.

We put insurers on the path to victory with innovative micro-segmentation methods that translate customer data into clear insights that help insurers keep up with customer expectations – even in uncertain and changeable times.

Consumer goods and retail

New ways to do business call for new customer research

For consumer goods and retail companies, keeping pace with customers' evolving needs and expectations can prove difficult. Especially in a world where in-person or in-store research is not always possible.

Our research practice has built a flexible methodology to continually surface insights about customers across their omnichannel journey. As customers adopt new shopping routines, we design research programs built on remote, agile methods to safely explore new behaviors and shopping trends.


Understand your competition to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Manufacturers aren't just competing against fellow manufacturers. Today's customers judge every business by the highest standards set by the world's leading brands. This means that they expect frictionless and personalized experiences.

To get out in front of the competition, we help manufacturers develop streamlined customer experiences by using robotic process automation (RPA) to accelerate order management. RPA-driven chatbots can also deliver a more personalized experience by tailoring conversations to customer profiles and preferences to increase satisfaction and boost loyalty.