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Post Trade Processing

Generating Capital Markets Impact

Capital markets firms are responding to a rapidly changing environment by redefining their strategies and reconfiguring their operations in order to move toward mutualizing costs. While moving toward a streamlined industrialized processing service is a multiyear strategy, it is critical that banks examine their post-trade processing functions. Genpact partners with banks throughout this journey through advisory services, specific point solutions, and end-to-end business function management offerings in order to design, transform, and run their post-trade operations.


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Business Advisory Services

Readiness Assessment for Shared Service Clearing Operations:
The operational effectiveness advisory services that we offer are based on determining which operations to bring together into a shared service, how these would operate, and which governance model and service level agreements to employ. Genpact's assessment delivers detailed metrics on current operations, a target operating model, and a transition plan for implementing the model, along with a supporting business case for cost savings.

Business Function Management

Managed Services on Derivatives platforms:
Based on years of experience managing many of the industry's leading derivatives platforms, we provide post-trade processing services in a managed services mode, combining operations and application technology with platform support to drive down operational costs.

Point Solutions

TEEVRA (middle office post trade processing):
TEEVRA is a proprietary middle office platform for listed derivatives post-trade processing. It provides connectivity to clearing houses, performs real-time matching and clearing, and provides a trade repository that can be the source for all transactional data for listed futures and options.

Margin Workbench:
Margin Workbench provides managers with real-time views of their risks, rather than relying on day-end reports and escalations. It receives data feeds from multiple systems (position management, cash management, security settlements, margin pay/receipt calculators) and integrates them to provide a consolidated platform for client services, senior management, and CRM professionals to manage and monitor margin processing and settlement in a single, user-friendly environment.

Trade Status Reporting and Monitoring (TSRM) Solution:
Trade Status Reporting and Monitoring (TSRM) is Genpact's proprietary solution that consolidates trade data across multiple sources, covering five asset classes. It validates, normalizes, and reports required trades to DTCC or other designated SDRs in a streamlined and cost-efficient manner. TSRM supports multiple SDRs, covering both DFA and EMIR regulations, and provides a real-time dashboard that allows operations and compliance users to monitor reporting status and address any exceptions in real time.


Genpact uses its deep domain expertise and extensive operational experience to deliver Intelligent OperationsSM across the spectrum of post-trade functions delivering more than $700 million of business impact for its capital markets clients. Successes include:

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