Omnichannel Customer Service

Contact Center Analytics

Generating Smart Customer Service Impact

Genpact’s Omnichannel Customer Service solutions leverage analytics to improve operations and enhance customer satisfaction. By analyzing large data sets that include customer details and contact information, as well as external benchmarks, Genpact helps organizations gain visibility into operational performance and make proactive decisions to transform the end-customer experience.


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Genpact designs, transforms, and runs intelligent end-customer service operations using a Lean DigitalSM approach, which combines design-thinking principles with Lean practices, digital technologies and analytics, and deep domain expertise. Our approach reimagines organizations beyond the front, middle, and back office with end-to-end solutions to deliver business outcomes.

Our Contact Center Analytic solutions optimize customer service operations through:

  • Call elimination: We provide analytics-driven insights to optimize interactive voice response (IVR) rates, improve first-call resolution (FCR) and cross-channel penetration, and eliminate web breakage
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) assessment: We build and deploy integrated frameworks to capture the voice of the customer and assess call quality. We work with clients to optimize current CSAT questionnaires that evaluate the overall performance of customer service centers
  • Reporting services: Our clients can access readily deployable, custom, pre-built, and best-in-class reporting templates, which can be plugged into existing customer data sources or hosted data marts with minimal IT cost. The service also includes building and managing data marts to capture data from disparate customer service systems, generating on-demand/customized reports  
  • Technology assessment: We perform independent and in-depth assessments of the customer service infrastructure, applications, and quality tools to generate insights for sustained performance using analytics

These services are offered as point solutions or are integrated in a wider outsourcing solution.

We also offer a highly successful self-funding initiative, the Contact Center Analytics Program (CCAP) that clients across several industries use to significantly improve performance and cost savings. The CCAP uses Genpact's proprietary algorithms and advanced analytics to design and optimize overall performance. At each stage, business benefits are quantified, and the savings realized are reinvested in better technology and improvement initiatives. This cycle of sustained improvement results in best-in-class performance and delivers huge cost savings. A typical CCAP spans 12–18 months, depending on current performance and the desired result.


Genpact’s Contact Center Analytics solutions have delivered solid, measurable business benefits.