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Generating Smart Infrastructure Management Impact

Providing innovative technology solutions that support process excellence and help companies meet changing market conditions is part of Genpact's forward way of thinking. Knowing that globally expanding companies face many challenges in maintaining security and containing desktop management costs, Genpact has developed LeanDeskSM to provide centralized desktop operations, improve data integrity, and offer a standardized desktop computing environment. In line with Genpact’s philosophy, LeanDeskSM is an innovative solution that enhances end-user productivity, provides a secure desktop environment and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Launched by Genpact in July 2009, LeanDeskSM transitions data processing and storage to a central location, offering enhanced security and regular data back-ups. By replacing local desktops with thin clients, users can access the server through any available LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Through a combination of streaming and virtualization technologies, LeanDeskSM provides a compliant desktop environment, and also offers enhanced security through Genpact’s proprietary HouseKeeper tool. HouseKeeper ensures that files are stored only in designated directories, and are only accessed by authorized users. Through periodic scans, non-compliant files are quarantined, providing near zero defects and 100% audit conformance.


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Our experience of over a decade of providing end user computing [EUC] services has shown that not all IT environments and priorities are the same. To meet the varying needs of each organization, Genpact optimizes implementations by offering three models of LeanDeskSM:

  • LeanDeskSM Stream –Custom made for LAN environments that “reuse” the installed desktop environment
  • LeanDeskSM Lite –Targeted at “task workers” who run standard web applications that do not require a dedicated desktop environment
  • LeanDeskSM Premium – High-end solution providing dedicated desktops for every user. Capable of running all the applications traditionally utilized on a local desktop

LeanDeskSM offers the latest in enhanced performance, reduced costs and optimized security through thin clients. Each plug-and-play unit reduces downtime by up to 60%, and makes maintenance easy even for non-IT staff. The simplicity of thin clients and the enhanced security of a centralized infrastructure enhances end-user productivity, provides a secure environment, and offers savings of up to 30% when compared to typical desktop computing expenses.