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Generating Smart End User Impact

With the rich expertise that Genpact has gained over the last 14 years of providing end user computing Services, we have built strong competency and developed an IP that accelerates IT transformation by creating a mobile workspace and a responsive IT environment, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of services.

We currently cater to more than 1.1 million end users in over 25 different languages with a workforce of over 1,800 that is spread across our delivery centers in India, Romania, China, the Philippines, the USA, Mexico, and other customer locations. We process over 10 million incidents per annum, support more than 10,000 business applications, 100,000 mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, and over 600,000 end user computing devices.

Our vision is to be the foremost strategic global IT partner for our clients by continuously enhancing intelligent enterprises through a smart continuum of processes, analytics, and technology. We aim to thereby transform end user experience, enhance end user productivity, and building future ready desks that are more mobile and responsive to end users.


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IT Service Desk Support:

  • “Powered up” Service desk
    • Process Automation
    • IT Concierge Services (White Glove Support)
    • Command Centre
  • Specialized Support  (Level 1.5)
    • Application Support Desk
    • Mobile Device Management
  • Instadesk
    • A short term desk set up when quick ramp-up of resources is required due to an acquisition, business change, and seasonal/periodical activities to support the business needs.

Desk-side support:

  • Onsite Support
  • Remote (L2) Support
  • Parts planning and fulfillment
  • BYOD/HVDS Implementation & Support

Desktop Management Services:

  • IT Asset Management
  • Software packaging, testing and distribution

Service Management:

  • IT Service Management
    • ITIL Process Implementation
    • Process Management Services
  • Service Desk Tools Implementation
    • Implementation of Service Management Suite
    • Provide Service Desk Automation using our IT process automation tools
  • Benchmarking/Assessment Services
    • Operations Dashboard & Service/Cost Analytics – Genpact’s IT Service Management process maturity assessment framework leverages the five levels of CMMi to measure and improve the maturity level of an IT organisation.

Process Management → Process Entitlement → Process Maturity → Process Excellence

Process Management
A life cycle approach that helps us attain Process stabilization: ‘Implement the process → baseline process and benchmark performance → identify process gaps → Identify and implement tools to mitigate gaps identified → attain Process Stabilization’

Our proprietary Service delivery fundamental (SDF) tools ensure that all tasks are performed timely and accurately and where necessary, raise issues within the businesses on a timely basis. The leadership gets traction to the issues that are high impact recurring issues, enabling a Surprise-free Stable Operating environment.

Process Entitlement
A two-step approach that helps us attain Process Standardization

  • Simplify the process by studying the variations
  • Digitize the process by creating key metric dashboards

Process Maturity
Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement with ITIL: Our Six Sigma DNA helps us drive initiatives across the process that maximize output, enhance customer experience, and reduce cost for our clients. ITIL based service management, coupled with Genpact’s exhaustive experience in driving business impact through its Six Sigma heritage, makes it possible to streamline, optimizing, and mature processes by reducing variations, predicting problems, and automating processes. Genpact delivered double its annual contract value in customer impact in 2012.

Process Excellence
Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM): Beyond meeting and exceeding SLAs that determine the health of help desk operations, Genpact drives end-to-end business outcomes through an enterprise-wide approach. Our SEPSM methodology is a proprietary business process management framework. It helps organizations to consistently perform well in volatile environments, and gives them the ability to anticipate change, the dexterity to adapt to new conditions, and the spirit to innovate and produce new solutions. These organizations focus on process effectiveness, as well as efficiency, and operate smoothly across global markets, which is why we call them intelligent enterprises.