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Operations reimagined for the growth and constant evolution of software and digital platform enterprises

Next generation operations, sales, and customer engagement to future proof growth, and support resilience, agility, compliance, and financial fidelity

Technology companies have disrupted industries and overtaken legacy incumbents, moving from garage-based startups to global stock-market-listed companies, acquiring vast numbers of users in a very short period of time.

However, customers expect an outstanding digital experience; brand reputation depends on consistent delivery at scale.

  • Technology companies are maturing – fast-growth digital organizations need their back-office systems to match their pace
  • A lack of stable infrastructure among technology companies is stifling sustainable growth – and is impacting customer and employee satisfaction
  • Technology companies need to maintain their leadership positions and brand reputation – well-established systems and processes are necessary to maintain market share
  • Keeping track of diverse customer demand is a significant challenge as technology companies try to stay relevant by offering proven tailored offerings

Supporting technology companies with their growth and business volatility challenges

Genpact is an industry leader. Just some of the awards and accreditations for our services include:

  • Everest Group Peak 'Leader' 2021, 2020
  • Gartner 'Visionary' 2021
  • Forrester Wave 'Strong Performer' 2020
  • IDC 'Major Player' 2019
  • NelsonHall NEAT 'Leader' in Advanced Analytics BPS

Genpact helps the world's biggest technology companies delight consumers and guarantee trust by using powerful data-driven insights and proven operational transformation

Driving growth with sales and future-proof go-to-market operations fueled by customer insight and experience-focused operations

The growth and scale of technology companies, or digital disruptor enterprises, is changing the nature of sales and marketing. Delivering exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint and gaining insights into what customers want are key.

Genpact helps technology companies optimize their digital sales funnels, increase share of wallet, target better against potential competitors, reduce abandoned transactions, and increase conversion rates and usage rates to drive organic growth and cross-sell and upsell solutions.

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Operations designed and optimized to strengthen the critical trust between brand, employees, and users

Genpact's suite of trust and safety solutions helps organizations protect their brand, address inappropriate content issues, and meet and build on the trust they have already established.

Staying ahead of the game with the insights that matter

Genpact helps customers drive growth intelligently through advanced analytics and automation that unify data silos and systems. An adaptive analytics engine powered by Genpact's AI-enabled Cora platform delivers a unique insight factory.

By using quality insights, product development is de-risked, and transaction rates can grow, increasing efficiency and performance.

Reduce exposure to financial risk and regulatory non-compliance

With vast numbers of transactions and payments, multiple currencies, and a variety of user payment methods, such as pay-as-you-go, subscription, and one-off transactions, the finance and accounting departments in tech and platform organizations face unique challenges. Genpact's knowledgeable compliance experts and data scientists help technology companies reduce the risks of financial crime and compliance issues, even within the most highly regulated organizations in the world.

We help technology companies to:

  • Ensure compliant and de-risked growth
  • Build robust back-office processes and systems
  • Sustain growth through intelligent data
  • Optimize sales processes
  • Improve brand equity
  • Maintain and grow market share.

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