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An active metadata platform that empowers teams to maximize enterprise data intelligence

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Enterprise data stacks have become so complex and fragmented that companies are losing critical insights. As they focus more time on unraveling that complexity, they have less time to find the value hidden within their data.

PowerMe is a data intelligence platform with a generative AI-powered intelligent data catalog, automated lineage, and connected data quality capabilities that enable companies to manage and make sense of their systems landscapes. With active metadata and data-quality sensors, teams can discover, trace, and trust their data and make decisions with confidence.

Our platform is tailor-made for a variety of users, including analytics consumers, data owners, data stewards, and IT teams. They use it to address multiple use cases like establishing a data marketplace, business metrics traceability, migrating cloud data platforms, and more.

Heineken uses PowerMe to manage data and improve decision-making

See how Genpact helped Heineken transform into a data-driven organization using PowerMe. The result - swift migration to the cloud, improved user experience, and increased productivity for its data management and operational teams.

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Intelligent data catalog

Use PowerMe to search, discover, and collaborate on data and analytics assets across systems by:

  • Automatically cataloging all assets, including dashboards, metrics, datasets, columns, extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs, and source data using pre-built connectors
  • Providing intuitive search and discovery through a personalized Netflix-style data marketplace
  • Showing an integrated view of the data dictionary, business and technical metadata, usage statistics, and similarity insights
  • Enriching metadata with generative AI by describing KPIs, SQL expressions, tables, and dashboards, which improve data literacy and data democratization

Automated 360-degree data lineage

Understand the data lifecycle and get bidirectional visibility into its origin, transformation, and consumption through:

  • Visible dataflows (lineage) stitched together using automated scans of data, BI, and ETL systems with versioning and audit trails
  • Intuitive and uncluttered lineage view with filters and advanced search
  • Contextual navigation enabling right-to-left (lineage) or left-to-right (impact) traversals
  • System-level through attribute-level drilldowns on lineage
  • Annotation, sharing, and enrichment of lineage graphs

Connected data quality

With PowerMe, you can continuously monitor, measure, alert, and prevent data inconsistencies thanks to its:

  • Configurable and pre-built data quality sensors, which have the flexibility to define advanced rules
  • Dynamic thresholds and machine learning (ML)-based anomaly detection
  • Automated alerts and workflow interventions to minimize the impact of poor-quality data
  • Ability to visually trace all quality issues using dataflows or lineage graphs
  • Personalized data quality storyboards
  • Object-level and attribute-level data quality scores consumed on catalog and lineage

PowerMe integrates with the enterprise landscape to deliver AI-augmented data intelligence

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Use cases

Data and analytics marketplace

Consolidate fragmented data and BI assets to easily organize, discover, and manage assets. PowerMe enables you to search and collaborate on assets and launch dashboards while curating custom views.

Cloud data warehouse/BI migration

Use the migration workbench to uncover hidden customizations and relationships between assets in source systems instead of taking a vanilla lift and shift. You can also reconcile migration assets to reduce timelines and costs.

360-degree data and analytics governance

Achieve effective governance and break data silos with integrated metadata, usage insights, data lineage, and data quality, in addition to a modern business glossary, asset certification, and extensible metadata.

Rationalize BI and data landscape

Leverage the rationalization workbench's automated similarity and usage analysis features to increase the adoption of golden reports, and reduce clutter, license costs, and maintenance expenses.

Data quality-as-a-service

Use DQaaS to track quality trends and increase trust in data across every source through pre-built rules, ML-based anomaly-detection algorithms, and workflow interventions.

Data profiling

One-click advanced data profiling allows you to audit your master, transactional, and analytical data to identify inconsistent, invalid, and incomplete data. Deliver clean data for business processes and reporting.

Collaborative DataOps

Easier and faster impact analysis and problem tracing. Foster collaboration among data engineering, data integration, and data quality teams by using connected data catalog with lineage and quality modules.

Metrics catalog

Our pre-built repository of KPIs across industries (such as banking, consumer goods, and insurance) and functions (including finance and supply chain) accelerates metrics standardization.

Certify regulatory reporting/ PII tracing

Link disparate data, systems, and processes to trace audit trails using automated data lineage. This improves reporting accuracy in compliance with regulations like BCBS 239, CCPA, and GDPR.

Connectors for more than 50 data and analytics platforms

PowerMe's connectors integrate with your enterprise IT landscape. We also develop custom connectors based on client requirements.
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The PowerMe advantage

User-centric design

We've tailored PowerMe's consumer-grade user experience for business and technical users across diverse teams.

Role-based access control

Configurable role-based permissions and hierarchy management of assets based on function, cater to every enterprise use case.

Enterprise-grade security

With single sign-on functionality and integration with identity and access management tools like Okta and Active Directory, you gain a secure and hassle-free experience.

Flexible deployment

Our flexible deployment architecture supports on-prem, virtual private cloud, and public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. It is also available as SaaS.

Scalable platform

Petabyte scale performance easily handles millions of assets as asset landscapes grow.

Plug-and-play connectivity

Our 50+ pre-built and easily configurable connectors go broad and deep to automatically build the catalog and lineage.

Why Genpact?

Our process and digital expertise enable us to create strong data foundations, develop prescriptive engines, and democratize access to insights across organizations. Our work increases employee satisfaction, productivity, customer loyalty, and business growth.

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Boost productivity with data traceability and visibility

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