Chart your company's path to success with confidence
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Chart your company's path to success with confidence

Adopt forecasting solutions, powered by AI, to make decisions at speed

The business world is complex. To properly plan for growth – and contingencies – enterprise leaders need reliable forecasting solutions. From quickly predicting cash flow metrics and supply and demand trends and updating your team on the latest sales figures, forecasting capabilities can give you a 360-degree view of your business. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and machine learning, forecasting accuracy has reached a new level of precision.


Making timely and accurate business forecasts

The gold standard for forecasting is often hard to achieve. A combination of outdated information, systems, and processes makes it difficult to strategize and deliver long-term value for customers. And as market volatility increases and customer behaviors evolve, accurate forecasting becomes harder to deliver. And as market volatility increases and customer behaviors evolve, accurate forecasting becomes harder to deliver. To stay ahead in this ever-changing business landscape, you need a dedicated strategy for optimal forecasting.


Advanced forecasting techniques powered by AI and machine learning

Technological advancements over the past decade have significantly improved forecasting. By relying on the power of data analytics and deep business acumen, companies can merge and analyze vast amounts of data at speed, producing data-driven insights and improving forecasting accuracy.

These technological advancements mean enterprise leaders no longer need to rely on historical patterns when planning. Instead, they can turn to new solutions. The type of solutions that generate forward-looking metrics that are precise and relevant. Thanks to AI and machine learning capabilities, the static approach that characterized forecasting in previous business cycles is now a thing of the past.

Genpact's forecasting solutions are at the crest of these developments. Our forecasting capabilities are applicable across business functions such as supply chain, workforce management, finance, and operations.

Here's a detailed look at what we offer:

  • Workforce planning accelerator
    • Client configurable accelerator to help clients control their personnel costs and boost customer satisfaction. This feature is highly responsive to changing service requirements and quickly mitigates staff shortages or other personnel issues, including work-from-home challenges
  • Financial forecasting for cash flow accelerator
    • Client configurable accelerator that uses AI and machine learning to help companies update their forecasts in real time, support short-term working capital needs, and boost longer-term business resilience. It also helps enterprises predict price variances based on demand, calculate capital requirements that impact production planning and equipment delivery, and gain more complete visibility into the cash conversion cycle
  • Inventory planning accelerator
    • Client configurable accelerator to help clients reduce costs and improve asset use. This accelerator can be used to assist with calculating potential fallout from temporary closures of manufacturing and assembly facilities, and be used to help identify potential impacts of short-term material shortages
  • Sales, revenue, and demand forecasting accelerator
    • Client configurable accelerator to help identify and interpret the demand signals of SKUs from different regions, helping enterprises manage fulfillment orders
  • Integrated visualization capabilities
    • Ability to pull cross-functional data and insights to present each employee with a customized view of relevant sales metrics, revenue figures, and customer satisfaction scores

The nuts and bolts of our forecasting solutions

Our approach relies on four core principles:

1. Quantitative and qualitative data

We assess non-traditional indicators such as industry averages, government policies, and social media commentaries, along with internal sales, marketing, and inventory information. We then integrate this information with commercial data repositories to deliver faster insights.

2. Statistical analysis

Our pre-built accelerators and technology partnerships utilize the latest advancements in time series analysis, AI, and machine learning. Additionally, we track the latest thought leadership from academia and forecasting competitions to bring you the latest technological advancements.

3. Human and machine intuition

We convert business intuition into an analytical framework:

  • We manage risk by creating and testing different scenarios and assumptions
  • We deploy pilot models and measure the results
  • We blend machine-driven insights with human expertise to make innovative forecasting solutions

4. Efficient processes

Our comprehensive approach to forecasting speeds up decision-making by streamlining processes. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and subject-matter experts carefully assess each process to deliver tailored solutions.

What's more, newly standardized processes heighten efficiencies, so firms make more precise use of their assets, reduce logistics and operating costs, and conduct collections more effectively.


Maximize forecasting accuracy without compromising on speed

Equipped with these capabilities, teams can make accurate decisions at speed to grow the business, build resilience, and maximize value for customers and all stakeholders.

But don't take our word for it. Companies using our solutions improved forecasting accuracy by up to 80%, reduced inventory excesses by up to 63%, and enhanced manufacturing efficiency by up to 15%.

Whether you're looking days, weeks, or months ahead, we have some of the most advanced forecasting solutions – so you can confidently steer your business into the future, even during turbulent times.

Case study

A digital supply chain for a leading audio equipment manufacturer

Challenge: A global manufacturer lacked visibility into its supply chain while new product introductions failed 50% of the time. These challenges trickled down to other departments, such as sales and marketing, resulting in high operational costs.

Solution: We implemented a whole stack of advanced analytics to solve these pain points, enabling accurate forecasts, supply-network planning, and inventory management.

Result: Forecasting accuracy for new products improved by 65% and could be generated 30% faster. With crystal-clear visibility into the supply chain, the firm reduced planning time by 40% and inventory levels by 15%.

The right cash flow cure for a global pharmaceutical company

Challenge: A global pharmaceutical company struggled to accurately predict cash flow operations, resulting in disparate metrics and frustration over missed opportunities.

Solution: We jumped into action and tested several modeling techniques. When we identified the best solution, we deployed a suite of forward-looking predictive analytics that improved forecasting accuracy and increased productivity.

Result: Cash flow forecasting became objective, removing bottlenecks from manual, subjective workflows. With our help, the finance team allocated resources effectively, accounting for seasonal trends and other market fluctuations.

Why Genpact

We're a complete one-stop shop for all data-driven forecasting services. Our multidimensional teams bring insights from our extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies across industries and sectors. Through advanced analytics and digital innovation, we help enterprise leaders drive maximum business value.

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