Website secures new customers and revenue boost for retailer
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Website secures new customers and revenue boost for retailer

See how Industry West achieved $500,000 in revenue within 96 hours of launch

Who we worked with

Industry West, an online furniture retailer

How we helped

Rightpoint, a Genpact company, used experience design principles to help Industry West redesign its website as an app-like experience

What the company needed

Industry West wanted to reimagine its online presence to improve the interactivity, speed, searchability, and discoverability of products

What the company got

Within four days of launch, Industry West secured $500,000 in revenue – a nearly 450% return on investment


Creating an exceptional online experience

Online furniture retailing is a challenging business, from warehousing to logistics, holding product, and getting product to customers on time. Plus, customers have even higher expectations for a seamless experience when spending at higher price points.

Industry West wanted to tackle this challenge by transforming its online presence. Interactivity, speed, searchability, discoverability, and ease of use were all essential requirements for the growing online retailer.

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Analysis, evaluation, and activation

After a detailed needs analysis based on experience design principles, Rightpoint determined that an app-like experience would be the best fit. Embedded in-browser as progressive web apps (PWAs), the new website would be powered by the Magento Commerce stack, which supports other Industry West properties.

For the PWA technology, Rightpoint guided Industry West through an evaluation of three vendors and selected ScandiPWA. This solution didn't require extensive changes to existing infrastructure, which was a risk factor for other PWA solutions.

When the evaluation step was complete, Rightpoint worked closely with Industry West to develop an online experience that puts the needs of customers first.


More customers and more money

When the website launched, the results were astounding. Within four days, Industry West saw greater customer engagement and secured $500,000 in revenue.

A viral marketing campaign also contributed to the website's success – 72% of customers visiting the website were new customers. Additionally, average order value (AOV) increased and conversion rate improved by 3.29%.

As Industry West continues to grow, its website is ready to grow with it.

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