Executive Summary: Transforming healthcare operations through advanced operating models

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Executive summary

Healthcare executives believe there is untapped potential for advanced operating models to address the most complex strategic challenges facing enterprises.

About the research

In 2014, Genpact commissioned a research project conducted by an independent research firm. The goal was to assess the potential for new operating models across a wide spectrum of industry sectors and functions. More than 900 senior-level executives completed the survey. Respondents were screened based on their ability to materially influence functional decisions. 

This analysis complements other research and insight derived from Genpact’s experience designing, transforming, and operating business processes and operations.


Transforming healthcare operations through advanced operating models

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This document presents findings drawn from senior executives in the healthcare industry, and focuses on 41 respondents engaged in healthcare operations. Most of these executives come from healthcare payers in North America, predominantly large companies with more than 10,000 employees. Some of the sub-sample sizes are relatively small, and although the findings provide insights into the direction of key trends, the statistics cited should be interpreted within the context of the sample sizes shown at the bottom of each graph.

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