Case Study

Global equipment financier stops $1 million in annual revenue leakage with improved quote accuracy and discount audits

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Client: Global office equipment financier

Industry: Banking and financial services

Business need: Revenue leakage

Genpact solution: Genpact plugged the revenue leakage; provided audit mechanism for existing systems

Business impact:

  • Cash flow and liquidity
  • Growth and scalability
  • Standardization and simplification

A global office equipment financier had incorrect discounts being auto-generated by their system leading to revenue losses. Genpact was engaged to find the root cause and solution to plug revenue leakages.

Business challenge

  • The “Upgrade to keep” quote process was inaccurate
  • Loss limit generated was greater than allowed limits
  • No system was in place to audit accuracy of the system generated quotes and discounts

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Genpact solution

The Genpact team:

  • Identified system errors and provided immediate corrective actions to the business
  • Implemented a robust audit process to verify the correctness of the discounts generated for each quote
  • Developed a new process to override system discounts manually and input correct values

Business impact

The new processes improved “Upgrade to keep” quote accuracy from 90% to 100%, provided a direct audit of system generated discounts, and reduced revenue leakage by $1 million annually.

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