Case Study

Ahead in the cloud: Insurer's technology and data transformed with a rapid cloud migration

Better performance, lower costs, and trained in-house experts in under a year

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Who we worked with

A Fortune 100 global insurer with 45,000 employees and 900 offices in 29 countries

How we helped

  • Built a team of cloud migration experts, ready to roll in one week 
  • Took over the rapid migration of 12 out of a total of 26 applications 
  • Trained and certified 20 client resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet migration timelines

What the company needed

  • To increase the efficiency of its policy and claims technology following a merger 
  • To modernize its technology by moving it from an internal database into the cloud 
  • To reduce its operational costs

What the company got

  • All 12 applications successfully migrated ahead of schedule 
  • Simplified IT architecture with 40% better user experience and a 20% increase in application performance 
  • Cost savings of $7 million per year 
  • Greater internal cloud capabilities and confidence during the migration and beyond 
  • An agile DevOps operational model post-migration


A complex migration – in only eight months

A recent large acquisition had left this insurer with a problem – dated technology and a lot of data that needed integrating into its business in order for processes to run smoothly and deliver value to customers. It had approached a vendor to help migrate the acquisition's 26 applications to AWS as part of its wider digital-first approach to improve IT delivery and lower costs. Working together with the vendor, the client had hoped to manage the transfer quickly, but after eight months, only one application had moved. So the insurer turned to Genpact for help. Our work with the carrier on other projects had proved our digital credentials, plus we had worked with the acquired company in the past and knew its systems. But this new engagement was a real challenge now that valuable time had already elapsed. We had eight months to transfer twelve of the remaining applications and decommission the old data center – or miss a deadline that would cost the client millions.


Cloud experts and a sprint effort to take it over the finish line

We hit the ground running. Within a week we had built a team of internal cloud experts to accelerate the application transfer, augmented with external experts for the sprint effort. In just over a month we had migrated two applications three weeks ahead of schedule. The early win increased client confidence, so we boosted this with AWS training for its employees so it could accelerate the transfer of applications in parallel with our work.

Using our technical and functional knowledge of the acquisition's systems, an agile methodology, and a technology stack including CloudForge, Bitbucket, and Cloud Foundry, we completed the transfers with a month to spare, and have since shut down the legacy data center. We hit our target – more than 12 times faster than the previous vendor could.


Future-fit IT architecture and reduced operating costs

We accomplished the client's lead goal of migrating all 12 applications onto AWS ahead of schedule. And because we helped train its staff to become AWS experts too, its parallel 14-app migration accelerated. Upon full retirement of the data center, the client will realize $6 million in savings, with more in the pipeline.

Its ongoing operational costs will drop by $7 million a year. And because we delivered new in-house experts for free, we've saved the client an expensive hiring process and increased team morale.

In addition, the new digital-first system with its simplified IT architecture has improved performance by 20% and significantly enhanced user experience by 40%.

The big picture is also positive. Our setup and staff training means the client has greater flexibility to modernize and optimize applications. And now that the client has seen we can quickly deliver cloud projects within budget, it has asked us to do that job too.

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