Case Study

A bumper crop of new processes make product development grow

How SAPEC Agro and Genpact Cora SeQuence are feeding innovation

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Who we worked with

SAPEC Agro Business, a chemical company with revenues of €223 million and operations in 70 countries.

What the company needed

  • Digital transformation of its new product development process 
  • Fewer phone calls, emails, and spreadsheet exchanges dealing with new product development

How we helped

  • Genpact Cora SeQuence introduced digital to SAPEC’s roduct development
  • SeQuence easily integrates with Microsoft, so designing forms was simple
  • All users had easy access to new process control dashboards and centralized data

What the company got

  • Automation of six processes in four weeks, coupled with a reduction in manual tasks and spreadsheet exchanges
  • Decreased process downtime when relevant personnel were out of office
  • Increased productivity by releasing 500 hours each month which had previously been dedicated to managing emails

Setting the scene

SAPEC Agro Business is an international player in crop protection and crop nutrition, with a strong focus on sustainable agriculture. The firm researches, develops, manufactures, and markets products to combat crop disease, as well as micronutrients and fertilizers for crop nutrition. SAPEC’s team works in 20 nationalities and sells products in more than 70 countries. 


Harvest scattered information

SAPEC had a manual, time-consuming process for managing new product development—one that required numerous emails and phone calls and extensive exchanges between different users and departments. Too many spreadsheets held too much scattered information. There was no central location for data that all users could access. Worse, if one user was out of the office or unable to complete a task, the entire process came to a
halt because other users didn’t know how to proceed.

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Luis Cassaca, SAPEC’s IT manager, was a key stakeholder in the digital transformation of the product development process. He attended a Leadership Business Consulting workshop where he experienced SeQuence first hand and could quickly see its potential. He knew it could help SAPEC—and he was right.

The bottom line: Genpact Cora SeQuence fulfilled SAPEC’s demanding criteria for a platform that would support and promote its well-defined strategic vision for true digital transformation

“Genpact Cora SeQuence was the perfect fit for our requirements. It integrated smoothly with Microsoft’s SharePoint and SQL Server Its form design was simple and our business wins were quick because the new process came online so fast, we could make extremely rapid changes. It’s flexibility, ease of use, fast development times, robustness, and reliability made it the natural choice.” Luis Cassaca, IT manager, SAPEC

A lightning-fast transformation

The very first week that SeQuence went into action for the SAPEC team, it cut back on all email and spreadsheet exchanges dealing with new product development. And SeQuence easily integrated with Microsoft for rapid document management and development times. The result: less time spent on manual tasks and more time saved when key people were out of office. That made the company more efficient, effective, and able to focus on other business-critical tasks.

SeQuence also allowed users to see the status of each process through the SharePoint Intranet. Now the company has a holistic view and users who are empowered to complete tasks in the event that someone is out of the office. 

The first automation was such a success that SAPEC went farther, utomating five additional processes: accounting checklists, new synthesis requests, sample requests, application permission requests, and services requests. Each automation took only three day to set up. In a total of four week, six processes were up and running smoothly. 

“We needed a platform to transform our new product development process. We found that in SeQuence. It’s a simple, yet sophisticated, easy-to-use tool that helps us automate processes quickly.” Luis Cassaca IT manager, SAPEC


A company primed for new crop care discoveries

  • SAPEC cut back on manual tasks and multiple spreadsheet exchanges
  • Work continued when key people were out of office
  • Process control dashboards gave everyone more visibility
  • Centralized data in one place allows access to all users
  • Eliminated 500 hours spent on emails per month

The SAPEC team has already identified other key processes to be automated and plans to continue growing their SeQuence user base by tenfold. The organization is also looking at other SeQuence modules to maximize work allocation and optimization. 

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