Healthy learning for finance teams helps digital to thrive
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A healthy learning culture for finance helps digital transformation to thrive

How a healthcare giant quickly developed critical skills with a collective intelligence platform

Who we worked with

A US healthcare services company

How we helped

We developed a capability framework to map detailed skills and learning pathways for 5,000 finance professionals in Genome, Genpact's collective intelligence cloud-based learning infrastructure

What the company needed

To clearly define the roles in its finance organization and address the skills gaps to accelerate finance transformation

What the company got

A highly motivated finance team with clearly defined roles, building the right knowledge and skills to excel – alongside a rich repository of learning materials to access in the future


Advancing skills to keep pace with finance transformation

The healthcare industry is moving at warp speed to fulfill consumers' rising and changing requirements and preferences. To get ahead of the competition, the company needed real-time actionable business insights. It turned to its finance team to harness the volumes of valuable data available and take advantage of the digital transformation already underway.

The business quickly realized that it needed to empower its finance teams to mine this rich intelligence. Overlapping tasks were muddying the waters. And talents and abilities were not keeping pace with the digitization and artificial intelligence driving the function's transformation. It needed to completely reassess the roles, responsibilities, and skills of every team member – and of the group as a whole. And it turned to Genpact, its longtime partner in finance transformation.

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A powerful collective intelligence platform for hyper-personalized learning

Evolving from work started by MIT, Genpact's launch of Genome, a dedicated cloud-based learning platform that defines roles and skills, maps learning paths, and facilitates a continuous learning culture, coincided perfectly with the company's approach for help. Harnessing the collective intelligence of Genpact's expertise and experience, Genome's comprehensive capabilities and robust infrastructure seemed an obvious solution to effortlessly manage the finance team's learning journey.

We began a six-week rollout with a thorough assessment of the company's finance function. Our team of experts unleashed Genome to fully evaluate its organizational model, roles, and responsibilities and administer a skills survey and analysis of its state-of-play competencies. Our collaborative approach included key stakeholder interviews and working group sessions to get behind the issues and develop solutions.

From here, we prioritized skills, identified proficiency requirements for each role, and developed validation procedures within the platform. As the engagement progressed, we conducted a strategic skills review, made course content available for the skills we had prioritized, and formulated a content strategy for the longer term. By week six, we had built a comprehensive capability framework in Genome, mapping specific skills, knowledge, behaviors, and values alongside clear learning pathways to empower the team to drive finance transformation success.


A future-ready finance function

The business needed to automate and accelerate the learning journey for its finance team, and through the power of Genome we were able to:

  • Thoroughly reassess 165 roles across 15 job families to identify granular-level skill requirements
  • Update and refine 325 skill definitions to align with industry standards
  • Classify 5,000 individual skill proficiency requirements
  • Map and provide 7,600 content assets for ongoing use and personalized learning
  • Recommend technology improvements that would integrate with the company's existing architecture

The result? A nimble, adaptable workforce with clear roles and skill profiles, quick to acquire future-ready skills to keep up with innovation and advancing technologies.

Genome is now fulfilling our client's first objective. The finance team is speeding up the function's transformation as members achieve clear-cut, highly defined, and personalized learning goals in a fraction of the time traditional upskilling requires. What's more, the group has a treasure trove of learning resources available on demand. And finance now has a solid foundation to adapt and upskill as it evolves.

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