A global beauty giant reimagines its e-commerce strategy
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A global beauty giant reimagines its e-commerce strategy

See how SalonCentric brings the in-store experience online

Who we worked with

SalonCentric, a L'Oréal company, and premier distributor of professional salon products

What the company needed

The company wanted to reimagine its online user experience (UX) for a global network of distributors

How we helped

Rightpoint, a Genpact company, partnered with SalonCentric to bring its in-store experience online using Magento Commerce Cloud

What the company got

A modernized e-commerce platform that connected 90 inventory sources and streamlined more than 100 pricing structures


Exceptional experiences for everyone

Getting distributors to move to a new digital platform takes a lot of work, especially in terms of training and enablement. And when you have a new platform in place, you need to drive adoption.

If a large portion of your business depends on building these relationships, the stakes are even higher. This was the case for SalonCentric. Plus, the company wanted to go one step further and use the new platform to attract even more distributors.

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Getting connected with cloud

Rightpoint realized that many of the features SalonCentric used to deliver an outstanding experience on its consumer website and at retail locations could also serve its network of distributors. In fact, SalonCentric could use Magento Commerce Cloud to apply them in a business-to-business context.

Without delay, Rightpoint implemented a new e-commerce solution that could support up to 200 unique storefronts for its distributors. Magento's stored payment functionality helped with billing and expedited the checkout process, while offline order history, products, inventory, and customer information will automatically update.

Overall UX improvements included:

  • The ability for distributors to pick up products in-store
  • Special account permissions for sales reps
  • Tools for site administrators to target distributors with relevant products and promotions
  • A multimedia content management system with video capabilities
  • Product customization functionality


More satisfaction, more sales

SalonCentric's investment paid off. With the new solution, the company was able to connect 90 inventory sources and streamline more than 100 pricing structures across the board. All of which contributes to a better UX for its distributors.

As its network of distributors grows, SalonCentric is now equipped with a modernized e-commerce platform to deliver an exceptional experience every time.

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