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Consumer Goods - Analytics, Marketing & Management

The consumer goods industry is currently facing significant challenges such as increasing input cost volatility, strained supply chains, organizational transformation for growth in emerging markets, and the proliferation of customer channels. Cost structures must evolve, while firms are seeking new growth opportunities - both organic and M&A driven. As a consequence, their business process operations must evolve.

Today, Genpact works with over 30 consumer goods enterprises, delivering a wide range of services including enterprise business process optimization, process reengineering, marketing analytics, trade promotion optimization, trade promotion management, social media services, master data management, finance and accounting, and supply chain management, all of which enables our clients to achieve their business transformation goals.

Our teams of professionals have been serving the world's leaders in the consumer goods and retail industry for more than 10 years. We enable our clients to become more intelligent businesses through greater efficiency and effectiveness into the value chain, drive down costs while increasing customer loyalty, and maintain growth even in tough economic times.

Genpact’s consumer goods solutions address multiple critical facets, from helping clients ensure that they make smart decisions based on accurate and timely market information to optimizing the supply chain for higher gross margins.

Finance and Accounting (F&A)

We have built the world’s strongest finance-related process expertise as well as the largest pool of F&A professionals, including Order-To-Cash (OTC) specialists serving consumer goods clients around the world. Our proprietary OTC tools drive up to 30% increased productivity and 15–25% reductions in days sales outstanding (DSO). Clients benefit from practices developed across industries and help derive the maximum benefit from early payments, ensure supplier discounts are utilized, seize opportunities for saving on the cost of compliance, and drive down costs in billing and collections while increasing their effectiveness.

Supply Chain Management

We are leaders in supply chain management, with over 12 years of experience and thousands of supply chain and procurement professionals managing over US$2 billion in inventory and forecasting for over 500,000 SKUs annually. We help our clients optimize their inventories through efficient and comprehensive demand forecasting and detailed attention to correct lead times and order policies. Through analysis and negotiation, we help clients cut the cost of outsourced parts, and ensure that contracted savings are fully realized through tighter compliance and controls.

Trade promotion optimization and management

For decades, consumer goods companies and retailers have deployed trade spending principles to drive improved product vitality, optimize old practices of buying down price, deliver features and displays, and deliver the right assortments. These practices continue to consume a very significant part of the consumer goods marketer's budget - ranging from 50% to 60% of spend levels. Our trade promotion optimization and trade promotion management solutions enable consumer goods companies to achieve better management, allocation, and optimization of investments in trade promotions, across brands and accounts.

Genpact provides comprehensive trade promotion optimization and management services, including advisory and research, promotion management, fund management, settlements, claims and deduction resolution, forecasting and modeling, and post-event evaluation.

Social Media Services

Today, consumers are beginning to own your brands and participate in their creation in a very real sense. Social media, because of its immediacy and the fact that it taps into a global audience, is a powerful research tool capable of generating actionable insights in time to seize opportunities.

Genpact provides comprehensive social media services to consumer goods companies, including social media monitoring, negativity alerts, brand tracking, consumer need states, and consumer segmentation.

Marketing Analytics

Our marketing analytics solution provides powerful insights and forecasting that is specifically designed for the consumer goods industry. We help companies in the industry better understand consumer behavior, develop marketing strategies, forecast market trends, effectively allocate marketing dollars, and successfully enter new markets. Our portfolio of marketing analytics services includes consumer analytics, social media analytics, brand analytics, marketing ROI analytics, and campaign management et al.

IT Solutions

The complexity of the consumer goods industry makes it necessary to employ technology that can keep up. Genpact IT solutions strive to eliminate support issues, driving down costs by leveraging the strong IT practices of our professionals, who provide ERP, custom development, application maintenance services, testing, data warehousing, remote infrastructure management, and global service desk services. All of these services are delivered in multiple languages across our global delivery locations.


Genpact is a leader in business process optimization, with almost 4,000 successful transformation projects to its credit. We reap rich benefits and increased service effectiveness while lowering costs by creating shared service centers, both onshore and offshore, and making our team part of your team, working side by side within your corporate culture to achieve your company goals.

Genpact contributes to the success of intelligent enterprises by making processes smarter and enabling more informed business decisions. Acting as an extension of client organizations, we optimize their operational performance through the right mix of process, analytics, and technology, enabling you to achieve your business transformation goals.


By expanding on the expertise gained through our Lean Six Sigma heritage, Genpact has developed the science behind improved operational effectiveness, helping you chart a course to greater process accuracy and overall improved outcomes. We call this Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM).

SEPSM is an uncompromisingly logical yet unique methodology that employs granular data analysis, ultra-sophisticated diagnostics, and cross-functional benchmarks to maximize process effectiveness and achieve:
  • Tighter controls resulting in stringent regulatory compliance
  • Faster time to market, creating stronger revenues
  • Improved capacity and productivity, leading to better cost management


Through Smart Decision Solutions, consumer goods enterprises can intelligently interpret the large amounts of data that they have access to, and make better decisions about their business practices, resulting in stronger governance and regulatory compliance. Our analytics and reengineering professionals give you a view of where the market is going, and then align process performance to more effectively target new markets, promote new products, and improve compliance.


Genpact believes that technology is a key enabler of great processes. Our IT solutions provide a quality framework delivered through GxP (good manufacturing and quality practices) and include:
  • Product distribution (Oracle/SAP)
  • Accounting and controllership (Oracle/SAP)
  • Process testing and guidelines
  • Shared service business process implementation
  • For a global brewery with more than 20 operating companies, we helped optimize business processes and consolidate operations, resulting in 35% cost reduction.
  • Genpact made a 40% reduction in operating expense possible for a global market research company, through improved data management and analytics.
  • We helped a global apparel manufacturer restructure and reprioritize its collections strategy by implementing our proprietary tool, delivering a cash flow of US108 million alongside EBIT savings of US$11 million.
  • For a leading global health and hygiene care products company, we reduced variation in PandL accounts, ensuring 100% coverage of all items in review, reducing the review cycle, and increasing accuracy and controllership. This resulted in inventory valuation and sourcing supply improvements worth US$10.2 million.
  • A global consumer goods company was able to customize its advertising focus and gain incremental sales of US$1 million by utilizing our analytics insights and recommendations to identify its most important brand attributes.
  • We worked with a leading CPG manufacturer to understand baseline volume growth during promoted weeks and optimize trade promotions. The insights that were gained were used in budgeting decisions and future sales planning. Based on our recommendations, a nine-week rolling max algorithm was implemented in the trade promotion optimization tool being used in the client environment.