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Mortgage Services & Solutions

The changing scope of today's mortgage landscape has lenders looking for innovative solutions to meet fluctuating demand and counter high levels of default. Genpact's mortgage processing services span the globe, combining worldwide delivery capabilities with improvements in process performance that help mortgage lenders intelligently manage costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operational performance requires the application of our three foundational pillars:


Smarter processes take your organization beyond efficient to effective. Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) addresses the entire lifecycle of the loan, improving efficiency, scalability, and capacity through step-by-step process improvements. SEPSM benchmarks each stage in a process against industry best-in-class performance and uses this information to draw a road map for shorter cycle times, increased customer satisfaction, and improved revenue.


Genpact's Smart Decision Services (SDSSM) employs the power of advanced, industry-specific analytics to give you clearer insight into your portfolio. Customer segmentation identifies at-risk loans and strategies to prevent default, while superior market insights help you target the right customers with the right loan products to generate higher revenue and returns.


Genpact recognizes technology as a clear driver of the flexibility and innovation needed to retain a competitive advantage. Our Mortgage Technology Solutions support greater process effectiveness by turbo-charging throughput through automating key processes and streamlining workflows.

This powerful combination has helped mortgage lenders improve operational performance and reduce mortgage originations processing time from 45 days to as few as 10 days from application to ready-to-close. In addition to improved cycle times, our clients notice measurable gains in customer satisfaction, increased market share, greater pull-through ratios, reduced processing efforts, lower hedging costs, and stronger compliance through KYC remediation services. These three pillars are the foundation of all our solutions—and our results—that help you outcompete in a changing market.

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Business Process Management Solutions

Genpact Mortgage Services combines our innovative analytics and IT solutions with process excellence to reduce costs and enhance mortgage processing efficiency. Based on a “best shore model,” our mortgage solutions include the following:

Sales Services

Loan Processing

Loan Underwriting

Closing & Funding

Post Close/Quality Control


Mortgage Technology Solutions

Driving superior results from optimized performance, Genpact offers technology solutions that improve the scalability and flexibility of your mortgage operations, making the mortgage origination process more efficient and effective.

Quantum MOS BPaaS

Quantum LOS SaaS

Our unique process focus, global delivery, and product pricing control give clients the ability to concentrate on their core competencies and on building better customer relationships. By providing end-to-end services or by supporting critical business areas, Genpact’s solutions help clients achieve growth without detracting from their central products and services. Our mortgage solutions help clients reduce their fixed cost, achieve reductions in turn time, increase agent productivity, and improve process efficiency.