Awards & Accolades

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“Winner's Circle” in HfS F&A-as-a-Service Blueprint, 2017
“Winner’s Circle” in HfS Insurance as a Service Blueprint, 2017
“Early Leader” in AI-Powered OneOffice Premier League, 2017
“High Performer” in Design Thinking As-a-Service Economy, 2017 & 2016
#9 in HFS Digital OneOffice Premier League, 2017
“Winner’s Circle” in Capital Markets Operations, 2017
#6 in HFS RPA Autonomics Premier League, 2016
“Winner’s Circle” in Intelligent Automation, 2016
“Winner’s Circle” in Procurement-As-a-Service, 2016
“Winner’s Circle” in F&A BPO, 2016
“Execution Powerhouse” in digital marketing operations, 2016
“Winner’s Circle” in BFS Analytics, 2016
“Execution Powerhouse” in IoT services, 2016
“Strong High Performer” in Pharma Core Operations BPO, 2016
“Strong High Performer” in Supply Chain Services, 2016
“High Performer” in Mortgage-as-a-Service, 2016

Everest Group

“Leader” in Banking BPO Services, 2017
“Leader” in Supply Chain Services BPO, 2017
“Major Contender” in Procurement Outsourcing Services, 2017
“Major Contender” in Banking ITO Services, 2017 & 2016
“Major Contender” in Capital Market ITO Services, 2017 & 2016
“Major Contender” in Contact Ctr. Outsourcing Services, 2017 & 2016
“Major Contender” in Life Sciences BPO Services, 2017
“Major Contender” in Business Process Services Delivery Automation (BPSDA) Services, 2017
“Star Performer and Leader” in Analytics BPS, 2017
“Star Performer and Leader” in P&C Insurance BPO, 2017
“Star Performer” and “Major Contender” in Life & Pensions BPO, 2016
“Major Contender” in Insurance AO, 2016
“Star Performer” and “Leader” in P&C Insurance, 2016
“Major Contender” in Capital Markets BPO, 2016
“Leader” in F&A BPO, 2016
“Star Performer” in Source to Pay BPO, 2016
“Major Contender” in Healthcare Payer, 2016

Gartner Magic Quadrant

“Visionary” in Intelligent BPM Suites, 2017 (PNMsoft)
“Visionary” in Managed Workplace Services for North America, 2016
“Leader” for 6th consecutive year in F&A BPO, 2015


“Leader” in Finance & Accounting Services, 2017
“Leader” in Worldwide Life Science Social Media Analytics, 2017
“Major Player” in Industry Cloud Collaborative Services, 2017 & 2016
“Leader” in Worldwide Business Analytics Services, 2016
“Leader” in Worldwide F&A BPO, 2015

Nelson Hall

“Leader” in P&C Insurance BPS, 2017
“Leader” in Fintech Services in Banking, 2017
“Leader” in RPA & AI in Banking, 2016
“Leader” in Life, Annuities & Pensions BPS, 2016
“Leader” in Wealth and Asset Mgmt. BPO, 2016
“Leader” in Analytics BPS for BFS, 2015
“Leader” in Mortgage and Loan BPO, 2015
“Leader” in Procurement BPO, 2015
“Leader” in Marketing BPS, 2015
“Leader” in Healthcare Payer BPO, 2015


“Advanced Analytics” Player in Customer Analytics Vendor Landscape, 2017
Strong Performer in Customer Analytics WAVE 2017


Zinnov Zones Leader in RPA Services, 2017 and 2016


Among BEST Award companies ranked #15, 2017

Brandon Hall Group

(7) 2017 and (10) 2016 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Awards for global talent development practices