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Inspection Assistant

Self-serve and on-demand claims inspection services

The traditional property and auto inspection process is a lose-lose value proposition for insurance companies and their customers.It's slow, often taking weeks in the aftermath of large-scale catastrophes. It's expensive, to the tune of up to $350 per inspection. And it's a big source of customer dissatisfaction.

Our cloud-based inspection-as-a-service platform uses augmented reality and other digital technologies to put control of the claim directly in customers' hands, and fundamentally transforms the process for insurance carriers using technology-driven inspections.

How does it work?

Deployed in the cloud our inspection assistant service uses AI and machine learning to do the heavy lifting. Deployed in the cloud, Inspection Assistant uses AI and machine learning to capture claims inspections. It has several different components:

  • A suite of easy-to-use, white labeled self-service applications lets customers take pictures and videos of damage on their Apple or Android smart phones, and automatically upload them to their insurer. The apps provide step-by-step instructions and 24/7 tap-to-call support from every screen. Proactive customer support is provided to ensure self-serve success
  • The InpsectorPro mobile app allows property inspectors to complete house measurements in minutes and uses augmented reality to provide desk adjustors near-instant access to measurements, floor plans, and 3D models of the property
  • Instant Inspection is a one-stop, mobile-friendly website that lets customers, partners, and staff share high-definition pictures and video in real-time. It's built as a HTLM5 WebApp, so it works on any mobile without the need to download an app

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  • Through the on-demand field service, insurance companies have access to a network of over 20,000 qualified, background checked professional photo field inspectors who conduct appointment-based inspections
  • Our on-demand drone service has a network of 25,000 drone pilots who work with the National Network of Drone Operator to conduct appointment-based inspections in locations human inspectors can't easily or safely get to.
  • All the Drone flight can be also designed to build with a 3D model, this will be give customers to make basic measurements and see the inspection in 360 view
  • Every report generated through all of these inspection types are reviewed by QA professionals before the data is delivered to the insurer
  • All the inspection offerings are integrated into a customized customer portal that lets the insurer track and manage every step of the inspection process

It's a win-win for customers and insures

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Our end-to-end smart claims approach consists of modular offering built on our Genpact Cora platform

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Genpact and claims

Ever-increasing auto and natural catastrophe claims. Rising customer service demands. Aging legacy systems. These are just some of the challenges facing insurers that digital technologies like automation,AI, and analytics can help tackle. Our digital tools optimize the balance between customer satisfaction, accurate loss assessment,and loss-adjusting expenses, with solutions that span the claims journey, handling everything from fast-track claims processing to fraud and subrogation analytics. You can start with the module that addresses your biggest challenge and add from there. Or we can run your entire claims operation.

Global insurers and reinsurers, surplus lines insurers, a European insurer, even a top-10 Fortune company – we've transformed claims for them all over the past 15 years. We combine the digital understanding of an insurtech with claims expertise and business process know-how. Let's put this to work for you.

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