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Genpact Cora: Artificial intelligence for the real world

The challenge of digital transformation

An explosion in technology opportunities. Increasing regulatory requirements. New and disruptive competitors. Shifting market dynamics. Those are only the most obvious reasons why companies are reimagining their business models.

Digital technologies—from cloud and robotic automation to analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)—offer unprecedented opportunities. Yet most organizations still struggle to deploy digital innovation in a practical, flexible, and scalable way. Too often, they end up with multiple standalone, short-term solutions that result in lengthy development cycles, high costs, and disappointing results.

Genpact Cora: Artificial intelligence for the real world

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The Genpact approach

Genpact helps you to address these challenges. We drive digital-led innovation at scale and digitally enabled intelligent operations for clients around the world. Using open architecture and a modular approach, we offer integrated solutions that connect with both legacy systems and new technologies. The result: accelerated development times, higher ROI, and greater flexibility. Our overarching governance layer means you can mitigate risk and get the most out of your transformation journey.

We use design thinking to optimize human capabilities and technology, and to create solutions that quickly and aptly address business needs. We take an end-to-end view of the business that looks at the front, middle, and back offices as integral parts of an organization, and we reimagine every process through the lens of customer experience to build a Lean Digital℠ enterprise. So we enhance human effort, while automating processes that are manual, deterministic, and repetitive.

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