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Protecting users and brands through human and AI collaboration to enhance content decisions in line with cultural, regulatory, and industry needs

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Online content creation, consumption, and mediums are evolving rapidly, but with distinct differences across the globe. At Genpact, we continually evolve our content moderation services, data and analytics enablers, operating models, frameworks, and workforce practices to meet the needs of platforms operating across different industries, regulatory frameworks, and cultural sensitivities.

We harness the power of AI technologies, including generative AI, across content moderation workflows from pre-moderation and automation to policy work such as contextualization and decision maps, support elements such as personalized wellbeing, and learning and development.

Our impact

Hero datas potential for healthier content consumption

Data's potential for healthier content consumption

Can streaming, gaming, and social media companies combine resources to help protect users' mental health? We think so, find out how.
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Our solutions

Our dedicated content moderation practice group builds innovative solutions by combining deep domain expertise, data, tech, and AI to solve real-world problems for platforms that publish user-generated content. Our content moderation solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of platforms depending on type, scale, language, and geography. We work with platforms across social media and content hosting, search engines, ecommerce and marketplaces, gaming and play, media, the metaverse, AI and generative AI, and online dating.

Content investigation, reports, and escalations management

We investigate, restrict, and address content that violates laws or regulations in specific geographies and markets based on our clients' policies. This includes user appeals and escalated actioning.

Law enforcement response and requests

We communicate and execute requests from government agencies and law enforcement agencies within the guidelines of data sharing and platform policies.

Trademark, ownership, and copyright review

We investigate and respond to claims of IP infringement and review them based on relevant guidelines and action.

Live content

Our frameworks moderate and remove harmful live videos, audio, and communicative content with minimal exposure.

Red-teaming generative AI

Proactive testing and identification of harmful input and output patterns on gen AI platforms.

Highly sensitive content

We embed the safe moderation practices needed for highly sensitive content while protecting moderator experience.

Brand safety

Enabling brand engagement and safe placements on content platforms.

Chat and communication

Moderating inauthentic and harmful behavior on chat and communication platforms.

Augmented and virtual reality experience moderation

Review of user behavior, user generated objects in 3D worlds, and AR/VR experiences.

Incubation center

We've incubated and scaled over 1,000 content moderation workflows across platforms spanning social media, gaming, communication platforms, marketplaces, and media platforms.

Trends and threat assessment

Our frameworks and tools track trends and the emergence and propagation of harm online. We can synthesize this further to determine the impact on various platforms and on moderation.

Policy lab

Genpact's policy lab is an ecosystem of experts, frameworks, tools, analytics, and advisors that addresses the end-to-end needs of policy management, from development, writing, testing, deployment, scaling, and enhancing content moderation operations.


We empower our content moderators with a holistic, personalized, multimodal wellness program that combines traditional counseling, wellness activities, and cutting-edge technology to foster overall wellbeing and resilience.

Why Genpact

We help you apply a holistic approach to content moderation to mitigate risks and ensure user authenticity, building integrity, accuracy, and safety across your entire online presence.

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